The Crucible of Brotherly Love

We all know that the hallmark of true Christianity is love. Love for God and love for our fellow man and especially for our brother or sister in Christ. Jesus Christ was our greatest example of this kind of love. He fought against the vicious wolves of His day who were destroying the sheep with their human traditions and false doctrine. He stood toe to toe with them not to win an argument, but to protect those who were put into His care by the Heavenly Father. For the sake of the sheep He confronted the blind guides, He argued against the established order, and exposed their dangerous doctrines that kept people in bondage to their human traditions. His love was so great that He healed the sick, cured horrible diseases, made whole the lame, restored eyesight to the blind, and drove out demons that were holding people in bondage. His love was so great for all of His followers that He spent many hours every day teaching the truth about life and liberty. Not only did He want to restore the broken bodies and free their minds from their enslavement to the devil, but He also wanted them to experience the new life – a bountiful life free from anxiety and the stresses of everyday life. Finally, He paid the ultimate price by offering His life as an atoning sacrifice for all those who believe. His love did not stop there, but He made good on His promise to send the Comforter to lead His followers into all truth by reminding them of all that He taught them concerning the new life.  He counted the cost and fulfilled His mission.

As followers of Christ we are called to follow in His footsteps, to love others deeply from the heart with the same determination to see all of God’s children free from their bondages and walking in the glorious new life. We too must count the cost. When I look out on the sea of humanity and particularly those who claim to know Christ, but continue in bondage to their old lives my heart is sorely grieved. We can preach the gospel and get people excited about the transformation and their new life in Him, but until they break the chains of their bondage through repentance then I am sad to say nothing really changes. They simply learn the traditions of church while continuing in the same old human traditions as before. They may look and talk like a Christian, but they have not yet learned how to put all of their trust in Christ alone to give them everything they need for life and godliness. In their spiritual adultery they put their trust in human traditions while claiming to put their trust in God alone. The sheep are being destroyed.

If we stand back and do nothing, then we cannot say that we truly love our brother nor can we say that we are following in the footsteps of Jesus.  Friends, this is not the preachers job, it is everyone’s job. We are all called to love others and to truly love others helps them to escape their bondage placed upon them by the world thus allowing them to experience the new life in Christ and all that has to offer. So what bondage’s are we talking about?  What human traditions have captured the hearts of men, women and children in today’s world? I am totally convinced by the Word of God that psychiatry and the administering of their mind altering drugs is the worst human tradition to ever descend upon fallen humanity. This human tradition has cast people into the deepest darkest pit known to modern man even worse than alcoholism. Lives have been ruined and all but destroyed. People who have escaped this have testified to the inhumanity and suffering caused by their drugs and counseling. Those who have escaped this bondage tell of behavior changes, thoughts of suicide, inability to speak or think clearly, and physical woes. If we see our brother or sister for whom Christ died in this condition, then the love of God should compel us to do something. We can no longer sit on the side lines believing that God will work all things out. I am here to tell you that He is working things out by extending His call to you today, to get off the side lines and extend your love to all of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

So how do we extend our love to those who are still in bondage to the human tradition of psychiatry? I have spent nearly 35 years asking myself that same question being led step by step to develop a new ministry to rescue the perishing. This ministry must start by proclaiming the truth about this dangerous tradition. This cannot be done by establishing one website or writing a hand full of books on the subject. It must be done at the grass roots level. “This is not a ministry of one, but a ministry of all God’s children who are willing to be light bearers in a very dark world.” To become a light bearer then we must shine the truth of God’s Word to everyone we come into contact; those who are already in your inner circle; family members; and, especially those who have been taken captive by this human tradition. I have personally labored long and hard on developing tools to be used in sharing this truth. One can make use of the CAPA website, download free brochures to be passed out at your church while courageously wearing the Ministry tee shirt. But be ready to answer their questions and expound on the new life in Christ which promises to grow them from one degree of glory to another if only they put their trust in Him alone. Help them to see that transformation is a reality for every believer. Use God’s Word to demonstrate how they must put off the old life and put on the new. Help them to see that as long as they sit under worldly counsel they will never hear anything about sin and repentance, but only about a label that’s been placed upon them by the professionals for their emotional and so called psychological problems. And for those who are so led, start your own Chapter in your city in this country or others around the world to spread the truth of God’s Holy Word leading people to flee their captivity. Dear friend, fill out the membership form today on our website and get involved. Don’t put it off. This human tradition (or the new world religion) is spreading around the world only to be used by the coming Antichrist to control the hearts and minds of every person living upon the planet. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free. If truth sets people free, then deceptive lies lead them into bondage. Will you not pick up the torch today and become a light bearer for Jesus Christ?

Copyright © 2016 Rev. Daniel W. Blair, all rights reserved – this transcript is taken from my Tribulation Radio show on 6/07/2016


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Being Sealed Produces Hope

Our article today is called “Being Sealed Produces Hope.” Has anyone noticed that we live in a hopeless generation? As the Doomsday clock clicked two minutes closer to Midnight most wonder if they will survive the coming distress. As the world ponders an increase in global disasters, a nuclear holocaust, worldwide persecution of Christians, or a pandemic the civilization is left with little hope. Anxiety has reached an all-time high. Many are hoping that they will escape the clutches of fanatical terrorist or the terror of evil gangsters roaming our inner-cities. Gun sales have skyrocketed. Many are hoping for financial independence to pay more than the monthly minimum payment, freedom from dependence on the State and its welfare rolls, and the ability to feed and clothe their family. Yet, total dependence upon the State to provide assistance is on the increase. Many others hope for a good marriage that will last, while co-habitation has become the standard. Others hope that they can escape their bondage to the multitude of emotional and psychological problems, yet every day more enter into bondage to worldly counseling and psychiatric drug addiction. The tragedy is that most will not hope beyond what they can see or touch. We live in a hopeless generation! Continue reading Being Sealed Produces Hope

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A Political Post

I call on all Christians and well-meaning, principled people to take action. The nation is going off the cliff. It’s headed into the abyss. For those who are biblically knowledgeable the West and specifically the United States of America are fast becoming Babylon and liken to the ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. The hand of God has already begun to reign His wrath down on an unrepentant world. This can already be seen in extreme weather patterns, increase in earthquakes, volcanos, incurable diseases, rank lawlessness and unethical people seeking the highest political office in the land. Therefore, after much prayer and meditation I have finally been given liberty to write the following article. As a free citizen of the United States I will exercise my freedom of speech to open the eyes of the blind and hopefully give courage to those who feel hopeless to bring about any real change to the world and to the United States in particular. George Washington apply said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent will be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” And I for one will not be led like a sheep to the slaughter without letting my voice be heard throughout this nation and around the world. I call upon all reading these words to help me broadcast them to the world. Continue reading A Political Post

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A Word of Prophecy

This article for today is a Word of Prophecy, which I personally receive back in December of 2013, which I still feel is very relevant for today. This is the dawning of a new day. The world is on the brink of new discoveries that will affect every person living on the planet. A discovery so significant that it will promise mankind something he has only envisioned for thousands of years. A discovery so remarkable that it will allow mankind to realize his full potential both physically and mentally. A discovery so credible that it guarantees to control man’s bad behavior and his horrendous acts of lawlessness. This is welcome relief to a world that has suffered greatly under the weight of mass murder and school shootings. This discovery will be hailed as the greatest miracle ever recorded in the history of humanity. What appeared to be dead is now considered to be alive and therefore the whole world is amazed and flock to the one who makes this discovery available to the whole world. The Bible says speaking of the last days, “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live” (Revelation 13:14). Continue reading A Word of Prophecy

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The Apostasy Exposed

At the last Trumpet, the coming of Christ, and the last Judgment many tears will be shed over the words plainly spoken by the Lord, I never knew you, away from me you evildoers! (See Matthew 7:23) In the twinkling of an eye the apostasy will be exposed, the veil will be removed, and millions will realize that they had fallen away. What a horrible day that will be. In the Spirit I can hear the cries of anguish and the heart stopping screams of those who proclaim their innocence. Even their good works could not save them.  How could they not be “known” by the Lord? How could they be so blind to the truth? Yet, we now live in a day where millions are unwilling to see their true condition. They have somehow tricked their mind into believing they are known by the Lord, but have become a part of the great apostasy. To shed light on the apostasy we need to take you back to the beginning. We need to go back to a time before social programs, public education, mental health professionals, and a proliferation of drugs engineered to solve every emotional and psychological problem known to man. We need to return to a simple time when Jesus Christ was all things to all men. He came to a hurting people ravaged by a host of wickedness casting people into deep emotional and psychological problems causing bouts of erratic behavior, physical mayhem, and in extreme cases demonic possession. He came to a people hungry not only for bread but for the bread of life as they stumbled aimlessly behind their religious leaders. Their blind guides where leading them into a pit of greater confusion causing them to put their trust in hollow and deceptive philosophies, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world. (See Colossians 2:8) On the other hand, Jesus Christ came proclaiming that they should put their trust in Him alone to lead them into a new everlasting life free from the heavy weight of their captivity. Continue reading The Apostasy Exposed

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What is the Devil’s Motto?

Today we continue a series of articles that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness.  There’s coming a time when the entire world will be united behind the devil’s representative here on earth, the Beast. Before that can happen every religious and philosophical thought must be brought to naught in the eyes of the world. They must all appear divisive, counterproductive, and worthless in man’s quest for perfection in a new age of enlightenment. All world religions and spiritual quest of a higher power must be soundly defeated in order to bring the entire world to the altar of the Beast.  No longer would man trust in God exclusively. When one looks intently upon the world stage it becomes obvious that the old Devil is dividing the world’s religions by ruthlessly pitting one against another raising up one crusade and then another. Over the Centuries, Millions have died in the name of religion while the world grows ever more noxious and repugnant toward anything called god. Furthermore, it has turned many away from hearing the Gospel when they see the devilish division amongst those who claim to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. George Whitfield wrote in his journals, “What infinite mischief have needless divisions occasioned in the Christian world! Divide et impera (divide and conquer) is the Devil’s motto.” Continue reading What is the Devil’s Motto?

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Overcoming Anxiety

Today we continue a series of articles that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. Everyone will admit that anxiety is the enemy of the mind and another weapon used by the devil. Anxiety is constant worry about making the right decision or the outcome concerning a decision already made. Anxiety is worrying about having enough money to pay the bills, where you’re going to get your next meal, where you are going to sleep, or many other things. Worry can cause a great deal of stress and frustration, which allows the enemy to bring to your mind evil and dangerous thoughts. In short worry opens the door for the devil. The Bible says, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:4-7, italics are mine). Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety

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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new Creation"