A New World Religion in Disguise

One of the characteristics of the new world is its acceptance of psychological counseling that attempts to modify man’s behavior and cure the ailments of his heart. This is accomplished through therapeutic counseling and the administering of psychotropic drugs. It’s all quite logical: if you remove God or admit that He is incapable of fixing your heart or changing your behavior then something must take His place and that’s where psychology exerts its authority over the masses. The intervention of psychology is a slippery slope that began many centuries ago in the Middle East and has spread to the West at the same pace as rejecting Jesus Christ as God’s Messiah. This has grown so widespread that nearly fifty percent of the population in America has regularly visited a counseling center or taken a psychotropic drug.

Man since the beginning of time has always needed someone to turn to when things went wrong with his heart and his life. He would either turn to the witch doctor, a guru, or a priest. He always needed something higher than himself to help him to be all that he envisioned himself to be. He needed someone to make intercession to God. In time there was a level of trust developed between the religious professional and his adherents. In many of the world religions they would use drugs to obtain a mystical experience or a higher level of consciousness in an attempt to reach their deity or to alleviate their emotional pain. Most of these world religions exerted authority over their people by promising to help them with physical ailments, mental anguish, and emotional trauma.

With the discovery of psychology, its therapeutic techniques, and psychotropic drugs, a new religious professional has arrived on the scene claiming to be non-religious and available to every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. Instead of interceding with God, this new professional of psychology becomes the ultimate authority. He promises to help his counselees with their mental anguish, emotional trauma, and even some of their consequential physical ailments. In time a level of trust is developed between the counselee and the new religious professional. Although their patients are never cured, their behavior never changed, many have become addicted to psychotropic drugs, and have gotten worse because of it. Yet they grow ever more dependent on the professional psychologist and all the psychotropic drugs he has to offer.

It is sad to say that many who claim to know God no longer trust Him to change their behavior or heal their heart and so they turn to the new religious professional, who has usurped the authority of God and His spiritual counsel. The Bible says that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our Wonderful Counselor (See Isaiah 9:6). He has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the written Word and the indwelling Spirit (See II Peter 1:3-4). I am so convinced of this that my latest book “Stand Firm, Godly Counsel for the Last Days” was written to help Christians step by step to trust God to cure their heart and solve their emotional problems. To change counselors, to transfer our trust to another, to take mind-altering psychotropic drugs is paramount to not remaining faithful to Jesus. To stand firm in the last days we must remain faithful to Jesus Christ by trusting in Him alone or suffer the consequences.

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