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Meet Ken Rich from Newfoundland, Canada

Ken RichBrother Ken operates a Non-profit Christian Radio Station and Social Network to the glory of God in Newfoundland. He has demonstrated a passion for the CAPA Ministry and its desire to free those who have been taken captive by psychiatry. He has graciously opened his Radio Station to preaching, teaching, and conducting interviews to spread the truth of Biblical Counseling.

Logo1024Furthermore, everyone is invited to experience this Christian Social Network where you will find like minded people and groups for those who have escaped the clutches of psychiatry and psychotropic drug addiction.  Truly beautiful people set free to experience the joy of their salvation.

Please consider donating to this CAPA Chapter

Your donation helps them purchase the needed resources and expenses for furthering the CAPA ministry in their respective areas. Resources consist of such items as: books, teaching material, T-shirts, and brochures. Expenses help the Chapter leaders to convene seminars, meetings, and special events.


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