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Meet Pastor Peter Mukhwana Wanyonyi from Kenya, Africa

Peter MukhwanaPeter currently serves as an associate pastor in the town of Webuye and is looking forward to planting his own church. He believes that, “the core mission for his ministry work is taking care of the vulnerable in the community, doing the work, preaching the word with truth and touching the world through mercy ministry.” Pastor Peter has recently joined the CAPA Ministry to help the many in his country who have been taken captive through drug addiction and the abuses of psychiatry.  CAPA is committed to standing with Peter in his work in Kenya. Please join him in prayer and support.

Pastor Peter receiving his resources from CAPA Ministries










Recent events and testimonies in this Chapter

Waaom leaders in Kenya also dedicated to campaign CAPAWAAOM leaders in Kenya also dedicated to campaign CAPA









CAPA is On

After being given an opportunity to share in a general conference in our town.

CAPA is on. After being given an opportunity to share in a general conference in our town


Pastor Peters meets with fellow pastors in neighboring town.

Speaks for 20 minutes, which created excitement about organizing a half day conference for CAPA Ministries.

Pastor Peters meets with fellow pastors, speaks for 20 minutes which created excitement about organizing a half day conference for CAPA Ministries.

Meeting to Introduce the CAPA Ministry to local Pastors

CAPA Intro Meeting

In this meeting, they received this message very positively with much excitement. On Monday I will be meeting two church leaders as the lord has lead in my house and we will put strategies on how we will be doing our work. God reminded me that it must not be denominational, but, interdenominational.  God willing I will involve local leader as we progress.  CAPA is going far here.

This is a testimony of Clinton Malaba Wabwile


I am 35 years old and the 4th born in a family of seven children; my father ran away from us and left us with our mother helpless. Because of poverty in our family I got depressed and it affected my mental health. I am told I walked necked on the ford (streets) for eight years. One day in 2005, Pastor Peter and his team visited our home for evangelism.  I am told that they led my mother to salvation. During their frequent visits I got with them and they prayed for me. That was the beginning of my healing. God continued healing me as days went on. At the age of 25 years old Pastor Peter took me back to school in primary 5. Now at the age of 35 I am determined to pass my exam and go to college and afterword to train teachers.  I serve in church as a senior usher and a cell group pastor. I am no longer a mad man as people used to call me. I am a child of the Kingdom. God bless you all

Talking About CAPA Ministries

Intro to CAPA in Kenya

Today’s meeting was very important to me and CAPA. After opening prayer I was favored to be given an extra 5 minutes to talk about CAPA. The main facilitator of the meeting was impressed and welcomed the idea and he said before everyone that he will give me some cases to talk to that are in need of biblical counseling.

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