Meet Bishop Jack Wisor

BJWBishop Jack Wisor is truly an Apostle of Christ. He gives his all preaching and teaching the Cross of Christ. This is a message that all people need to hear. It is very powerful – so powerful that the Holy Spirit will work in you and change your heart, turning the world upside down. Bishop Jack Wisor was recognized and given the title of Apostle after it was evident that the works and ministry reflected by the Apostles of the first church in the book of Acts was being revealed in Bishop Jack Wisor’s anointing and it was evident that he was also fulfilling the five-fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11 (… some, apostles; some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.)

Bishop Jack Wisor is a powerful preacher and spiritual adviser having been warmly received and used extensively by State and County Parole and Probation Departments, Placement Coordinators at the Jails and Correctional Facilities, the State Police, Magistrates and Judges. Hospitals, Mental Health Units and all forms of Human Service Agencies are increasingly asking him to take people that they must release and who have nowhere to go. He has provided a spiritual resource for all people who are eligible for release from jail, homeless, or in need.

Bishop Jack Wisor is leading the state in the rehabilitation efforts of the released Megan Law Offenders and homeless in general.  He has established a foundation of curriculum for a solid faith-based ministry for the State of Pennsylvania.  He has helped law enforcement agencies to establish policy and procedures to keep our communities safer.  He has also helped to establish laws to help shape the efforts of keeping communities safer.  Bishop Jack Wisor works statewide with various influential individuals to speak for the hopeless and less fortunate.

Bishop Jack Wisor has become highly influential in going out into the streets, the hedges and the byways presenting the Gospel and making the people aware of a place which has been prepared for them where they can receive spiritual, emotional and mental support and help.

The God-given message that Bishop Jack Wisor brings to you is personal and powerful. It stirs in each heart. We must not ignore what God has sanctified. Bishop Jack Wisor’s message will touch the hearts of all people – leaders, the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick, and the prisoners – with powerful results changing lives in a dramatic way just as Jesus changed Bishop Jack Wisor’s life, leaving those who hear with a caution to never look back because the throne awaits us. (Be sure and read his powerful testimony on how God delivered him from alcohol, drug, and tobacco addiction)

Recent events and testimonies in this Chapter

Bishop Jack Wisor is now currently focusing on speaking engagements in churches, prisons, and jails throughout the nation.  Brother Jack Wisor has seen firsthand the abuses of psychiatry and psychiatric drug addiction and has agreed to work with CAPA ministries to not only create awareness in his State, but to actively help people escape their dependence on psychiatric counseling and their administering of mind altering drugs. He is already committed to helping people find a new life in Christ free from the power of sin, the wiles of the devil, and their bondage to this world.

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For more information about this Chapter fill out a contact form or contact Bishop Jack Wisor direct by calling (814) 590-3898. His testimony “IRA: A Watcher for the Lord” is also available for purchase by contacting him direct.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new Creation"