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Meet Cindy Stewart from Strasburg, Virginia, USA

CindyCindy has seen first hand the abuses of drug addiction and the effects it has on young people. She is committed to spreading the truth and helping those in her community to escape the bondage of so called mental illness and psychiatric drug addiction. Please join us in welcoming Cindy to the CAPA Ministry

Cindy’s Biography

My name is Cindy Stewart and I have served the Lord for about 25 years in a missionary capacity.  I am blessed with a wonderful Godly husband, two beautiful children, four grandchildren and a great granddaughter!

Recently I have been both honored and blessed to become a Charity Fundraising Coordinator at We All Are One Ministry, Inc. ” WAAOM” and a Chapter Leader at Christians Against Psychiatric Abuse “CAPA” which both are very close to my heart as we lost our beloved son to psychiatric abuse, through freely getting medicine for pain, he overdosed and went to be with Jesus three years ago Christmas morning.

My goal in life is to spread the Word of God as much as I can and however I can so other families don’t have to receive that heartbreaking news about a loved one. God bless you and yours!

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An Advocate for Those in Bondage