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Meet Pastor Lamech Kabisi from Chipata Eastern Zambia, Africa

Lamech Kabisi - AfricaPastor Lamech has a wonderful ministry in Africa preaching the Word of God and helping those who are poor including the orphan and widow. He has come forward with a desire to also help people to escape the bondage of secular counseling and drug addiction. In his own words he has said, “There is too much compromise today. This is indeed a critical time for Christianity as most people today are not ashamed to do what the Bible disapproves. These are times when evil is tolerated in the name of Torrance or co-existence. It is therefore important to call upon every Christian to stand firm.”

Pastor Lamech Kabisi receiving his resources from CAPA Ministries

Pastor Lamech










Recent Events in this Chapter

Pastor Lamech has just started a class with his church to bring them through my second book, “Stand Firm, Godly Counsel for the Last Days.” After that he has indicated that he will begin using my latest book, “Guiding Principles of Biblical Counseling” to help those who are in captivity to psychiatric abuse and drug addiction. Praise God for all Pastor Lamech is doing for the Lord in Zambia and for CAPA Ministries.

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