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The Virus, Vaccine, and God’s Truth

What does God say? We have not done extensive research on the subject as scientists, doctors, and conspiracy theorists have done over this past year. On the other hand, we have turned to Almighty God, seeking His answers on this hotly debated subject. We come before God with a clean slate with no preconceptions and with no predetermined agenda. Our only interest is to receive the truth for God’s precious children and for the world at large if they are interested. There has been a lot of debate about where the virus came from. Did it come from a live food market or a Laboratory? Was it simply an accident or was it a biological weapon? Perhaps a bigger question and more importantly, at least for believers, is why did God allow it to happen in the first place? To answer that question, of course, we need to listen, really listen, to God alone (See Jeremiah 33:3). Although we can learn from God’s previous dealings with fallen humanity since the beginning of time, it’s essential to let God speak specifically to this one question that we are asking Him now concerning the virus and later in this article concerning the vaccine.

So, what does God say? His words come loud and clear. They come from the indwelling Spirit as we bend our spiritual ears to listen and also from God’s anointed Word, which are both in agreement. God has not changed in how He deals with fallen humanity. God is not an angry God sending forth bolts of lightning from heaven to sear the pants of His rebellious children. No, He is a loving God who sent His Only Begotten Son to show us the way. Unfortunately, most of fallen humanity has not listened to His Son, then or now. Nor have they listened to all the true prophets coming along and saying the same thing. Fallen humanity is reaping what they have sown (See Galatians 6:7). They are sinking deeper and deeper into the consequences of their sins, which is exactly how God’s wrath works (See Romans 1:18-32). So, hopefully, as you are beginning to see, it makes little difference as to where exactly the virus came from. The point is, fallen humanity was doing something or not doing something that they should have been doing that caused the virus to wreak death and destruction upon the world. It has always worked that way from the beginning.

Instead of following God in His righteousness, fallen humanity has followed Satan in his rebellion against God by walking in all manner of wickedness (See Isaiah 14:12-15). The virus along with the many other diseases are taking their toll upon humanity. Everything we do has an individual and corporate consequence, from polluting the air we breathe to polluting the water we drink and from administering chemicals and toxins into our bodies. We are destroying the earth (See Revelation 11:18). Remember, that when our planet was young with no toxins and chemicals to be digested into the body, some of the ancients lived close to a thousand years (See Genesis 5:27). Unfortunately, even if we decide to live a holy separated life, we will still rest under the same consequences of a dying world that’s polluted with chemicals, toxins, and natural disasters caused by planetary neglect. We now feel fortunate to live beyond seventy-five years in our dying ecosystem. So, let’s be clear, God did not cause the COVID-19 virus, but He did not stop it either, allowing humanity to reap the consequences of their many sins.

Ok, now we turn our attention to the hotly debated vaccine. What is it, really, and should I take it? Let me say upfront, I don’t believe the world is attempting mass suicide because even those in power, making decisions about the vaccine, have children, grandchildren, and love life just as much as you do. This is not some massive plot to turn everyone into zombies so that they can be easily controlled. Nor is this their grand opportunity to put a chip in every person making them worship the coming beast. Fallen humanity has faced this disaster the same way they have faced every disaster since the dawn of time. They had called forth their wise men, their sages, and even their gods to help them solve their problems. Even now, in our modern age, they will still seek the counsel of their learned professors, scientists, and doctors to solve their current dilemma. Have you noticed who’s missing? No one is calling upon the One true God to seek His counsel (See Jeremiah 33:3). They are doing their research, but they are not asking God.

So, what does God say? Thus, saith the LORD of host, “I know that some of you are trying to partially do the right thing. You are trying to clean up your environment by reducing some of the toxins and chemicals that are killing your planet and my children. I know that you are way over your head with this virus because everyone knows that you have changed your methodology in creating this vaccine. It’s not a secret. I must tell you that it will have limited success because every soul’s biology [and DNA] are not exactly the same because of all the toxins from your environment, the chemicals from other drugs they have used, along with many other factors. I don’t fault you for trying to find a cure, but I do fault you for not seeing the major problem that has caused the virus in the first place.” From listening to the indwelling Spirit and my study of Scripture we know that each person must decide for themselves if they want to take the vaccine because as stated each person’s chemistry is different. It should be a choice. However, I believe it’s essential that we do one more thing if we ever hope to survive these plagues descending upon fallen humanity.

We must repent or the plagues will only get worse. I believe we are partially trying to do the right thing by cleaning up the environment but there’s one thing we lack causing things to go from bad to worse. Fallen humanity is still promoting their many prescription drugs for God’s children that have harmful side effects because their bodies were not created for all the toxins and chemicals. Fallen humanity must repent of all their gross immorality even if you attempt to justify it by legalizing it. Just because you have legalized abortion, homosexuality, the transgender, theft, corruption, along with many other sins does not justify them. If you think this virus is bad, what’s coming soon will horrify you. We must all repent before our most Holy God seeking His forgiveness, while we still have time. Please stop debating this topic, putting forth additional conspiracy theories, and get busy calling everyone to repentance. That’s the only true thing that will help. Repent now and seek God’s direction on taking the vaccine, it’s not for everyone, and may not be for you. Let it be your choice alone and then stand firm trusting in God’s mercy.

Please join me in Prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father. We pray for all of your children to stop their endless research for the truth by following the methods of the world. We pray that they will stop their endless research on Google, news media, and social media as if they were their gods. On the other hand, we pray that they will call unto you, the One true God, who has all the answers they seek and so much more. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the indwelling Spirit that always speaks with a soft voice of clarity, that’s so unlike the many confusing voices in the world. As you speak, for those who have studied your holy Scriptures, they will often receive the memory of a verse of Scripture that’s in total agreement with what you are saying in the Spirit. When you speak you always open up the Scriptures to a deeper, often hidden, meaning that we did not see before but so majestically aligns with the rest of Scripture. Thank you, Lord, for not changing but always being the Constant in the universe allowing your beloved children to see the deeper truth if we just ask you and stop our ridiculous research. We pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3).

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The New Slave Trade in America

We have all become slaves to very powerful entities without even knowing it. The slave trade is nothing new to an unregenerate world. This slavery has taken on many different forms affecting millions of people in every decade since the dawn of creation. We won’t be fighting for the rights of an enslaved race of people as William Wilberforce did in England many years ago. No, we will be fighting a new slave trade, in our present day, that has captured the souls of all humanity, not just in America. We will still be fighting big money as before, that some say, is holding up the very foundations of our economy. Dear friends, we have become salves to a much greater power than just plantation owners and sugar producers seeking to make a profit by using slaves brought over from Africa. We have unknowingly become slaves to many things which would take more than just this one article to describe. So, we will only concentrate our efforts on one thing that’s holding humanity hostage to a life of slavery.

We as a people have become slaves to our drugs or big Pharma. There is really no end to this slavery. They keep coming up with more drugs, almost daily, to supposedly cure our every physical and mental condition, caused in large part by the introduction of new toxins into our environment, processed foods, and side effects from the drugs. Drugs are a huge topic, consisting of recreational or street drugs, mind altering drugs typically used to treat never-ending psychological disorders, and prescription drugs used to treat our physical problems or relieve every little pain. If you add to this, all the over-the-counter drugs, legalized marijuana, and vitamins, we can easily see how the production of these drugs through the pharmaceutical industry has had a tremendous impact upon the world economy, affecting every area of society. These drugs are easily distributed by street drug dealers, medical doctors, pharmacies, drugstores, and even online stores. However, what will mainly concern us today is the heart-breaking slavery to these drugs, precipitated by flashy advertisements, promising pain free happy lives, enjoying all that life can offer.

Not every drug causes hard core addiction. However, every drug can lead to an unrealized habit of taking the drug for years, continually subjecting our bodies to their side effects that grow worse the more we take the drug. Yes, every drug has a side effect, and our bodies are paying the price physically, psychologically, and even Spiritually. We have unknowingly become slaves to the big pharmaceutical companies. These drugs are not the end of the story. Our slavery runs much deeper. Every year there are new viruses affecting the entire world from the seasonal flu to the latest pandemic of COVID-19. Never fear, for big Pharma rushes to the rescue with another vaccine to solve our problem, which they may, in part, have caused in the first place. It’s not the subject of this article to cast blame. On the other hand, it is my greatest desire to set the captives free from the slavery of these drugs and what they are doing to our bodies. Moreover, how these drugs are adversely affecting our Spiritual life.

Perhaps it is no accident that the word pharmaceutical comes from the Greek word (pharmakeia, a drug, the ministering of drugs) (lit. or fig.) means sorcery, witchcraft that’s used in Galatians 5:22 where the Apostle lists the carnal sins of the flesh. The sorcerers monopolized the word, pharmakeia, for a while in their magical arts and used it in connection to idolatry, which is quite instructive for our current study. God is fiercely opposed to any kind of idolatry because it transfers a person’s trust and worship in someone or something other than having total reliance upon God. Let that sink in. Drugs have become the world’s new idols. Idols that cannot see or talk but can lead the entire world to the altar of worship by depending upon drugs almost exclusively to bring forth health and happiness, apart from depending on God alone. Furthermore, their dependence is so strong that they are willing to overlook the many side-effects that are violating Scripture that says, “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are” (I Corinthians 3:17).

I know that healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, and exercising will not solve every problem. On the other hand, I am convinced that following and trusting in God’s council alone will solve all of your psychological problems. It will also help you solve many, if not most, of your physical problems through a right mindset, proper discipline, patience and long-suffering. It’s a proven fact that most ailments will just go away on their own if we are patient and learn to endure through the grace of long-suffering (a fruit of the Spirit). Now let me be very clear, I am not suggesting that you just throw away all of your medication. No, you may have been in bondage a very long time and it will take time to break those bondages. It will take time to become free from the shackles of slavery. The good news is you can begin today by believing the Gospel that God is not kidding; that He truly wants to make you into a new creation free from all the bondages of the old life (See II Corinthians 5:17).

So, how do we walk in this freedom? The Bible says, “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway” (I Corinthians 9:27). A little historical research really brings this verse to life especially if the Spirit is opening the door. “Keep under my body” is to render a knockout blow causing a black and blue eye literally. This is the aim of the Apostle, to render a knockout blow to the old sin nature who wants to feed our vanity, control our every thought, subject our body to the grossest of immorality, and participate in the willful destruction of our bodies. The Apostle’s intent on subjecting his whole body to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is that he would not be considered a “castaway.” If he became a castaway his preaching would be in vain. He would miss the mark and his entrance to heaven. Therefore, he chose freedom in Christ over slavery to the whims and cravings of the body.

We walk in the freedom of Christ by putting our body, especially our old sin nature, under subjection, no longer allowing it to control our every thought and action. This will take a lot of hard work but not impossible for God’s holy children. No, we won’t be beating our body into subjection as some of the ancients did by causing tremendous abuse or damage to their bodies. We will allow the indwelling Spirit to have full reign in our bodies every moment of every day, allowing Him to bring forth and cultivate Spiritual fruit. The Bible says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law” (Galatians 5:22-23). This Spiritual fruit in the believer’s life is the key to a healthy body and good mental health. If we consistently put off the old life, the works of the flesh (see Galatians 5:19-21) while at the same time putting on the new life in Christ by allowing the Spirit to bring forth his fruit the shackles of slavery will fall off. This is not wishful thinking, it is reality.

Here is the beauty of God’s truth, experiencing the great exchange that leads to total freedom in Christ.  Put off the old life of idolatry (misplaced trust), sorcery (drug dependence) and put on the new life producing the fruit of longsuffering (enduring the pain) and faith (trusting in God). Yes, there will be a great struggle between the old life and the new life in Christ, but the end result is love, joy, and peace as opposed to a life of hatred, depression, and anxiety. Dear children, allow God to bring healing to your bodies and minds without seeking out the world for their help, that almost always leads to some form of addiction, side effects, and continued slavery.  So, let us become servants to the Father and no longer slaves to the god of this world. Yes, my friends, it is the god of this world and the powers of darkness that have raised up the pharmaceutical industry to put the world’s children into slavery. Just remember, Satan’s desire is to keep everyone drugged, docile, and dependent on him, whereas God’s desire is freedom in Christ. Freedom at last! Amen

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Accept the Gift that Keeps Giving

As we face another Christmas in the middle of a plague with the darkness of evil all around us, we must ask the question, “What does the Spirit say to the Churches?” In our amazement, the answer comes quickly. This is your last chance for salvation in Christ. This is your last opportunity to escape the blinding light of evil masquerading as the righteous light of God’s glory. The heavens are perfectly aligned, and a new star is appearing from the two celestial bodies coming close together in the night sky. This will not hail the arrival of the Son of Righteousness as it did two thousand years ago, but it will hail the arrival of the evil son of perdition, the Antichrist. As Christ came to bring hope to the poor and downtrodden, the evil one will also come making his promise to supply your every need. He will boast of his great accomplishments and promise an even brighter future under his anointed leadership. His leadership will be brought forth out of fraud and deception which will miraculously unite all opposing parties to hail his leadership. The whole world will stand in line to congratulate him on his great success in the face of insurmountable odds.

As the plague is finally lifted it will appear to be a new and glorious day full of hope for a world teetering on self-annihilation. Unfortunately, this will only be an allusion, for the captivity of your soul will be in the balance. For many years now the churches of your great land have grown even more lukewarm. Step by step they have assimilated the world’s teachings into their sacred doctrines handed down to them by previous generations. Step by step they have grown lukewarm unable to lead humanity to Christ and the power of His transformation. Instead of transformation, people are taught to embrace their religion and the world mixing the hot water of the world with the cool refreshing waters of Christ’s teachings bringing forth a vile and putrefied lukewarmness. The Bible says, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:16). What a tremendously horrible sight to see the end result of many years of embracing the teachings of Christianity while at the same time embracing many of the teachings from the world. This assimilation or integration of psychology, other world religions, and the many perversions in the world have kept most believers from experiencing the joy of transformation in Christ.

Please dear children, before it’s too late and the door of salvation closes, we must invite Christ into our hearts allowing Him full access. We simply cannot expect transformation while still embracing our old sin nature. You must let go. You must let go of those things holding you down or pulling you back. Rebuke those old memories that keep throwing up your old life telling you that you are not worthy or that God could not possibly forgive you for such grievous sins. Rebuke the temptations from the world or from others who want you to join them in the latest enticements that lead you further away from your commitment to the Lord. Allow Jesus Christ to have full access to all of your thoughts and memories allowing the indwelling Spirit to bring about the needed conviction when necessary. Then adhere to the conviction immediately. Stop straddling the Kingdom of God and the world by putting both feet in His Kingdom every moment of every day. Stop trusting the world and its diabolical leadership to bring better days to solve all of your problems. Christ is standing at the door of your heart. Won’t you let Him in?

Jesus Christ is standing at the door of your heart and He is knocking. The Bible says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20). God will never barge into the lives of fallen humanity. He will never demand their allegiance or worship as the great pretender of righteousness will do, when he comes. Christ will only stand at the door and knock allowing us to hear His voice and respond. If we open the door of our heart, He promises an intimate relationship with us as we “sup with him.” As we drink from the same chalice, filled with wine, symbolizing His precious blood, shed on the Cross for our Salvation, we will experience the cool refreshing waters of forgiveness flowing through our veins. There is no greater joy than having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, our risen Lord. Dear children, time is running out, for when the great pretender of righteousness takes his leadership role, it will be too late. Time is running out!

When we invite Christ in, allowing the transformation to take place by giving Christ full access, and keeping both feet in the Kingdom, then we will overcome. Hallelujah! What a glorious day that will be. The Bible says, “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne” (Revelation 3:21). On the other hand, if we ignore these words, still putting our trust in the coming leadership, then we will not overcome. We will face all the Great Tribulations coming upon the world without God. We will face the coming days without being shielded from His wrath. Dear children, surrender your life completely to Christ now. Open the door! Welcome Him in or back into your life. Trust Him alone to complete the transformation making you into a brand-new creation. Let this be the best Christmas ever by accepting the gift that keeps giving, the gift of eternal life. Dear children, time is running out! We must listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches, especially this message to the seventh Church that symbolizes the last Church of the age before Christ’s magnificent return in Glory. Please, accept the Gift that keeps giving, and have a very Merry Christmas.

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The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness

The last thing the world needs is another pandemic. Yet, this new pandemic of mental illness has been in the works for over two thousand years when the prophet announced the three woes coming soon upon the world (see Revelation 8:13). In its infancy, long before it was ever recognized as an epidemic, few people suffered from mental illness while even fewer souls were classified as being insane. By the sixth century, this all changed. The epidemic was growing exponentially in the East with the first mental hospital constructed in Baghdad, Iraq in 750 AD. By the nineteenth century, the epidemic moved to Europe and then to the United States. With the growing number of mental disorders being cataloged in the “Diagnostic Statistical Manual” the pharmaceutical industry started producing an array of mind-altering drugs to treat every symptom. As the epidemic grew, most people were reluctant to admit to having a mental disorder and they soon became the unseen majority, popping their pills and suffering in silence. This silence caused the closure of many mental hospitals and the rise of numerous counseling centers to handle the sheer number of patients. Mental illness is real, causing a great drain on the world’s economy and the productivity of its workforce. As the world suffers in silence it’s time for God’s prophets to proclaim loudly what’s causing this silent pandemic.

The fallen world has always been good at explaining things away or casting the blame in the wrong place. When we look at the book of Revelation and specifically at the three woes, it’s essential that we don’t encapsulate them into our limited time frame. If we make God’s prophecy start, continue, and stop at a specified time as seen in many prophetic charts and timelines, then we will miss the scope and true interpretation of God’s timeless prophecies. The first woe in the book of Revelation corresponds with the angel sounding the fifth trumpet causing a star to fall from heaven allowing a heavenly personage to open the bottomless pit, clearly the releasing of the demonic hordes from the pits of hell. (Read Revelation 8:13-9:2). The ensuing verses describe in graphic detail what comes out of the pits of hell to torment fallen humanity causing the pandemic of mental illness. The Bible says, “And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power” (Revelation 9:3). Locusts throughout history have brought forth devastating plagues because of their behavior to swarm with millions of others destroying everything in its path and also causing the sky to grow dark by blocking out the sun’s light and giving rise to unprecedented fear.

In the next verse (See Revelation 9:4) the locusts are commanded not to follow their natural instinct to destroy the grass, the trees, or any green thing. Their primary target is only those who have turned away from God and are NOT marked with His heavenly seal. The Bible says, that every true believer is sealed with the promised Holy Spirit (See Ephesians 1:13). On the other hand, all of fallen humanity will be affected by this woe being sent from heaven that’s causing the pandemic of mental illness. These locusts swarming upon fallen humanity, metaphorically speaking, will create sudden and deep darkness in a person’s life. Those suffering from mental illness have indicated their great struggle to concentrate, stay focused, and to see their way going forward as if they were in a deep fog. In many cases, they have experienced an unwillingness to continue working or even having a desire to leave their beds. Many others struggle to walk in both kingdoms, the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of fallen humanity steeped in the grossest of immorality, driving them in one direction and then another. For some, the darkness in their souls has turned them further away from God leading them to dabble in the black arts and satanic rituals seeking to fill the void left in their tormented souls.

The Bible continues to describe these demons from hell sent to torment fallen humanity by indicating that these locusts have tails like a scorpion that will sting their victims and torment them for five months. Although the five months was selected because that’s the normal season for locust, from May to September, symbolically it could last the entire life span of a human.  (See Revelation 9:5, and 9:10). This amazing apocalyptic language describes in graphic detail what these evil hordes of demonic invaders can do to fallen humanity for rejecting their Creator. In recent studies, the scorpion causes great pain to their predators, not to kill but to drive them away. The scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal. For the human, the pain from a scorpion is extremely painful because the venom, consisting of a variety of different toxins, magnifies the pain receptors in the brain causing intense pain. In the same way, mental illness can cause intense pain that’s not always observable but very real as many suffer for years in silence. Critical symptoms of a scorpion sting can consist of muscle twitching, drooling, and sweating. It’s quite remarkable, that these are the same symptoms often seen in mentally ill patients who are on the threshold of insanity. The scorpion was specifically chosen by God’s prophet to demonstrate how its sting relates so closely to these symptoms of mental illness.

There are many facets to mental illness causing a torrent of behavior problems, where their actions are beyond just strange. Their behavior is capable of causing great harm to others as well as to themselves. There is also a litany of both aggressive and repressive emotions from the sudden outburst of crying to unhinged anger and to the damaging effects of buried emotions. Perhaps the greatest and most damaging emotion is fear. They have a fear of living or facing another day. They have a fear that others might know their true condition. They fear that others will know of their hourly struggles to maintain a rational mind without the constant onslaught of stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other psychological disorders. They fear that others might discern their horrible thoughts that once shocked their own sensibilities but now have full reign. Their demonically inspired thoughts can come with no warning and at any time or in any place, which can lead them to display a glazed-over look in public. The Bible says, “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them” (Revelation 9:6). They say that mental anguish is the greatest pain of all, driving people to the threshold of insanity with constant thoughts of committing suicide.  This silent pandemic of mental illness is spreading at an alarming rate, that’s also spilling into the streets of America.

Let’s be very clear, this is a demonic invasion. The Bible goes to great lengths in the following verses, of this eye-opening prophecy, that this is an unseen enemy that will attack the minds of fallen humanity with unrelenting vengeance. Before we proceed, read carefully Revelation 9:7-11. Notice what it says in the last verse, “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon” (Revelation 9:11). The name “Abaddon” literally means destruction, which is exactly the intent of this demonic force. He is bent on the destruction of the mental faculties of fallen humanity, driving them further and further away from any semblance of a rational mind. Whereas the literal meaning of “Apollyon” is to destroy. This is his ultimate goal. When the mind is destroyed of even the most beautiful people there is nothing left but a hollow shell grasping for the simplest meaning of life and their intended place in it. There is nothing more horrifying than to lose one’s mind unable to make rational choices or intelligent decisions. There is nothing more fearful on this earth than to be alive in the body but mentally dead and on the precipice of insanity. This silent pandemic of mental illness is real and much worse than any virus.

The good news is this condition can change. It’s not fatal. The world, however, does not have a remedy. There is no vaccine for this pandemic. Counseling will not work. Drugs will not work. Attempting to cast out Satan will not work. Becoming an expert in spiritual warfare will not work. Let me be very clear mental illness is real for fallen humanity. As a Christian counselor for many years, I truly sympathize with them and understand their psychological struggles and their deep emotional pain. I know the world is trying its best to fight this pandemic allowing the population to return to a sense of normalcy. Even at their best though, the fallen world can no more defeat this pandemic of mental illness than it can defeat the wrath of God being poured out on unrepentant humanity. The only course of action in overcoming either is to turn back to God and recognize Him as both your Creator and your Savior. Cry out to God now in heartfelt repentance asking Him for forgiveness for turning your back on Him and loving the things of this world. Believe the Gospel that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died on the Cross for your sins and was raised on the third day to give you a new transformed life. Once you are sealed by the living God, you will no longer rest under His wrath, His plagues, or His woes. Praise God! And all of God’s people will rejoice.

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The Prophecy: A Revelation for God’s Children

Revelation is Dynamic.  When the scales fall off our eyes then we are amazed at the dynamic nature of the book of Revelation, which thrills our hearts. It’s happened, it’s happening, and it will shortly come to pass or be fulfilled. Through these lenses, we see something quite amazing. As the prophecy is fulfilled, step by step, it colors in more of the drama between the powers of darkness and the children of light. It progressively unveils the raging battle between an all-powerful God and the dragon seeking to unseat His authority. So, let’s join the drama once again in the last of the last days when we observe the beast coming out of the sea (Read Revelation 13:1). Throughout history, we have observed great powers arising from the sea of humanity seeking to make a name for themselves by conquering and to conquer. Powerful leaders, in their respective countries, have readily sought alliances and treaties to overpower more and more of humanity to follow their dictates. As each proudly displays its religious horns, some also had the crown of great power. We observe throughout history each desperately trying to rule the world making everyone subject to their blasphemous authority. They proudly proclaim to know what’s best for humanity by putting forth their own doctrines and traditions above God’s absolute truth.

Now we come to the 21st Century and we still observe the beast coming out of the sea but now we see things differently. The scales have been removed from our eyes. No longer is it necessary to overcome through military might alone but through the dictates of a United Nations sitting on the shores of the United States of America. Now we are getting much closer to the end when every kindred, tongue, people, and nation can be brought together under one authoritative leader and his earthshattering policies. This is the turning point in world history! This is where nations and people can be brought into alignment with the New World Order to share in their agenda, their policies, their aspirations, and their mutual beliefs. As the world learns from America, the great melting pot of different people and religions, it grows increasingly divergent from their old cultural norms and religious biases. The people have grown increasingly open to new ideas, by assimilating religious dogma from other religions, to maintaining a quasi-allegiance to their cultural beliefs or choosing to accept just a humanistic approach for dealing with life’s problems. Either way, true belief in God allowing His relationship to affect all of life has become something of the past. Since the 19th Century, it has progressively led most people to assimilate humanistic teachings with their time-honored religious beliefs. The whole world, with only a few exceptions, is becoming a larger melting pot of shared beliefs and practices. As the world throws off the yoke of religion, they are embracing a new religion that’s taking the world by storm and emblazoning the words “blasphemy” across the many heads of the beast.

The Wounded Head. Something new has now tremendously upset the entire world as they realize that one of the heads of the beast coming out of the sea of humanity is wounded. The Bible says, “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast” (Revelation 13:3). So, we must ask two questions about this verse. First, who is strong enough to critically wound one of the heads of the beast, where nearly everyone would proclaim its death-wound; where many would wonder out loud if it could ever recover. Then secondly, we must ask who or what does this wounded head represent. Let’s look at the second question first. I believe that God has shown me who this wounded head is in the world today. Yes, the beast is alive and well, at least all but one head. This wounded head is America. Although she had been the guiding light for the rest of the world for many years demonstrating how to unite all people together as one through the process of assimilation, she has now run into great difficulty. She, one of the heads of the beast, has been wounded to death by one who has rejected globalization leading to open borders and more assimilation. She has canceled treaties, nullified agreements, and has been building a huge wall on the Southern border. There is even talk of defunding the United Nations; a tremendous blow to the beast wounding one of its heads, America. This appears to be the death of globalization.

Who could do such a thing? One untimely born, an outsider, and a businessman was called to such a task, driving the entire world mad with all of his reversals and policy changes from previous administrations. Yes, Donald J. Trump was called to the task of demolishing the New World Order in less than four years. The consequences of man’s enormous sins have done the rest (deepened the fatal wound) by decimating the economy with the latest plague sent from the hand of Almighty God. Yes, the blasphemous head of the beast has been critically wounded and the prophecy continues. The wounded head of the beast, America, will be healed but not in the way you may have hoped. It will be healed to continue its relentless march toward globalization. It will immediately renew all the broken treaties and reverse all the policy changes by the next administration, either in three months or in four years with a completely different leader coming from the left. Either way, the wounded head of the beast, America, will be healed and the prophecy will be fulfilled. You can only imagine the jubilation in the streets of the world. The Bible says, “… and all the world wondered after the beast” (Revelation 13:3b), whose head, America, was healed. This will be a time of great praise and adoration. Instead of rioting, people will be dancing in the streets. Great joy will fill the air. Now America, the recovered head of the beast, can take its rightful place among the nations as they prepare for the coming man of perdition or commonly referred to as the Antichrist. They finally have the reset for world conquest, leading all of its inhabitants to worship the beast.

This is not the whole prophecy because the beast will also require everyone to worship him, the image of the beast, and even Satan himself. A crucial part of understanding his next step, after the re-establishing of the New World Order, is the image of the beast that will be set up by the religious type beast. Read Revelation 13:11-15. This image will speak forth the words of the beast requiring everyone to put those words into their life. As he beams his signal around the world through the internet, television, and social media, then obedience to his words will be considered as worship. What are these words coming from the beast, the New World Order, through the image of the beast? Remembering that the Revelation is dynamic, we must realize that Satan has been hard at work bringing this into fulfillment for many decades now. It started in the 19th Century when humanism through the works of Freud established anti-religion, teaching his followers that God is no longer needed or capable to solve humanity’s emotional and psychological problems. Throughout history, we have seen one religion after another assimilate this new humanistic doctrine into their respective religions. We have seen them just as readily teach this false doctrine from their pulpits as they do the Bible, thus preparing the world for the coming Beast and his image broadcasting this deceptive lie to the entire world.

Once the wounded head of the beast has been healed, the New World Order re-established, and the image of the beast is successfully broadcasting his deceptive lie around the world, then everyone will be required to adhere to his words to draw humanity away from trusting in God exclusively. He will broadcast the methods of psychology and their need to take their prescribed mind-altering drugs. Up until the time of the healing of the wounded head of the beast, the doctrines of psychology and their mind-altering drugs have, for the most part, been simply a choice. Yet, they have been conditioning the entire world to accept the mandatory requirements soon to come. Satan could care less about what your religious practices are or what you proclaim is the truth. What he does care about is that you will worship him for giving you everything you need to become the perfect man apart from Christ. Satan sees this as worship because you have turned your back on God and His ability to address all of your problems and have decided to trust in the beast and his new world religion. He wants you to worship him, the Beast (the leadership and doctrines of the New World Order), and his image (the teachings of psychology along with your need for taking mind-altering drugs). In time, they will also be required to receive an identification mark indicating that they are now trusting in the beast to solve all of their emotional and psychological problems and taking all of their prescribed drugs. If you follow this teaching and take his drugs, then you will be worshiping Satan and not God.

Let me be very clear, for over two hundred years Satan has been preparing the world through the methods of psychology, leading the world to reject God’s ability to fix all of our emotional and psychological problems. He has successfully done this in every religion in the world.  For many, it’s now too late. They will not believe the truth because they have already been deceived and accepted the lie. The Bible says, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (II Thessalonians 2:11-12). So, God sends them a strong delusion. This is exactly why we already have more than half the world bowing at the altar of Satan and his beast. This is why so many will freely take the mark, visit their therapist, and take their mind-altering drugs. How dreadfully sad. I hope that you can see now, why I am so distressed with so many who are chasing after every conspiracy theory and missing the truth of God’s prophecy. I implore you to accept this prophecy and its revelation of truth before it’s too late. To ignore it will keep you blind and a slave to Satan and his host of wickedness. This will be worse than any dystopian movie; worse than any holocaust for those who refuse. Welcome to the new world.

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