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Accept the Gift that Keeps Giving

As we face another Christmas in the middle of a plague with the darkness of evil all around us, we must ask the question, “What does the Spirit say to the Churches?” In our amazement, the answer comes quickly. This is your last chance for salvation in Christ. This is your last opportunity to escape the blinding light of evil masquerading as the righteous light of God’s glory. The heavens are perfectly aligned, and a new star is appearing from the two celestial bodies coming close together in the night sky. This will not hail the arrival of the Son of Righteousness as it did two thousand years ago, but it will hail the arrival of the evil son of perdition, the Antichrist. As Christ came to bring hope to the poor and downtrodden, the evil one will also come making his promise to supply your every need. He will boast of his great accomplishments and promise an even brighter future under his anointed leadership. His leadership will be brought forth out of fraud and deception which will miraculously unite all opposing parties to hail his leadership. The whole world will stand in line to congratulate him on his great success in the face of insurmountable odds.

As the plague is finally lifted it will appear to be a new and glorious day full of hope for a world teetering on self-annihilation. Unfortunately, this will only be an allusion, for the captivity of your soul will be in the balance. For many years now the churches of your great land have grown even more lukewarm. Step by step they have assimilated the world’s teachings into their sacred doctrines handed down to them by previous generations. Step by step they have grown lukewarm unable to lead humanity to Christ and the power of His transformation. Instead of transformation, people are taught to embrace their religion and the world mixing the hot water of the world with the cool refreshing waters of Christ’s teachings bringing forth a vile and putrefied lukewarmness. The Bible says, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:16). What a tremendously horrible sight to see the end result of many years of embracing the teachings of Christianity while at the same time embracing many of the teachings from the world. This assimilation or integration of psychology, other world religions, and the many perversions in the world have kept most believers from experiencing the joy of transformation in Christ.

Please dear children, before it’s too late and the door of salvation closes, we must invite Christ into our hearts allowing Him full access. We simply cannot expect transformation while still embracing our old sin nature. You must let go. You must let go of those things holding you down or pulling you back. Rebuke those old memories that keep throwing up your old life telling you that you are not worthy or that God could not possibly forgive you for such grievous sins. Rebuke the temptations from the world or from others who want you to join them in the latest enticements that lead you further away from your commitment to the Lord. Allow Jesus Christ to have full access to all of your thoughts and memories allowing the indwelling Spirit to bring about the needed conviction when necessary. Then adhere to the conviction immediately. Stop straddling the Kingdom of God and the world by putting both feet in His Kingdom every moment of every day. Stop trusting the world and its diabolical leadership to bring better days to solve all of your problems. Christ is standing at the door of your heart. Won’t you let Him in?

Jesus Christ is standing at the door of your heart and He is knocking. The Bible says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20). God will never barge into the lives of fallen humanity. He will never demand their allegiance or worship as the great pretender of righteousness will do, when he comes. Christ will only stand at the door and knock allowing us to hear His voice and respond. If we open the door of our heart, He promises an intimate relationship with us as we “sup with him.” As we drink from the same chalice, filled with wine, symbolizing His precious blood, shed on the Cross for our Salvation, we will experience the cool refreshing waters of forgiveness flowing through our veins. There is no greater joy than having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, our risen Lord. Dear children, time is running out, for when the great pretender of righteousness takes his leadership role, it will be too late. Time is running out!

When we invite Christ in, allowing the transformation to take place by giving Christ full access, and keeping both feet in the Kingdom, then we will overcome. Hallelujah! What a glorious day that will be. The Bible says, “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne” (Revelation 3:21). On the other hand, if we ignore these words, still putting our trust in the coming leadership, then we will not overcome. We will face all the Great Tribulations coming upon the world without God. We will face the coming days without being shielded from His wrath. Dear children, surrender your life completely to Christ now. Open the door! Welcome Him in or back into your life. Trust Him alone to complete the transformation making you into a brand-new creation. Let this be the best Christmas ever by accepting the gift that keeps giving, the gift of eternal life. Dear children, time is running out! We must listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches, especially this message to the seventh Church that symbolizes the last Church of the age before Christ’s magnificent return in Glory. Please, accept the Gift that keeps giving, and have a very Merry Christmas.

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The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness

The last thing the world needs is another pandemic. Yet, this new pandemic of mental illness has been in the works for over two thousand years when the prophet announced the three woes coming soon upon the world (see Revelation 8:13). In its infancy, long before it was ever recognized as an epidemic, few people suffered from mental illness while even fewer souls were classified as being insane. By the sixth century, this all changed. The epidemic was growing exponentially in the East with the first mental hospital constructed in Baghdad, Iraq in 750 AD. By the nineteenth century, the epidemic moved to Europe and then to the United States. With the growing number of mental disorders being cataloged in the “Diagnostic Statistical Manual” the pharmaceutical industry started producing an array of mind-altering drugs to treat every symptom. As the epidemic grew, most people were reluctant to admit to having a mental disorder and they soon became the unseen majority, popping their pills and suffering in silence. This silence caused the closure of many mental hospitals and the rise of numerous counseling centers to handle the sheer number of patients. Mental illness is real, causing a great drain on the world’s economy and the productivity of its workforce. As the world suffers in silence it’s time for God’s prophets to proclaim loudly what’s causing this silent pandemic.

The fallen world has always been good at explaining things away or casting the blame in the wrong place. When we look at the book of Revelation and specifically at the three woes, it’s essential that we don’t encapsulate them into our limited time frame. If we make God’s prophecy start, continue, and stop at a specified time as seen in many prophetic charts and timelines, then we will miss the scope and true interpretation of God’s timeless prophecies. The first woe in the book of Revelation corresponds with the angel sounding the fifth trumpet causing a star to fall from heaven allowing a heavenly personage to open the bottomless pit, clearly the releasing of the demonic hordes from the pits of hell. (Read Revelation 8:13-9:2). The ensuing verses describe in graphic detail what comes out of the pits of hell to torment fallen humanity causing the pandemic of mental illness. The Bible says, “And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power” (Revelation 9:3). Locusts throughout history have brought forth devastating plagues because of their behavior to swarm with millions of others destroying everything in its path and also causing the sky to grow dark by blocking out the sun’s light and giving rise to unprecedented fear.

In the next verse (See Revelation 9:4) the locusts are commanded not to follow their natural instinct to destroy the grass, the trees, or any green thing. Their primary target is only those who have turned away from God and are NOT marked with His heavenly seal. The Bible says, that every true believer is sealed with the promised Holy Spirit (See Ephesians 1:13). On the other hand, all of fallen humanity will be affected by this woe being sent from heaven that’s causing the pandemic of mental illness. These locusts swarming upon fallen humanity, metaphorically speaking, will create sudden and deep darkness in a person’s life. Those suffering from mental illness have indicated their great struggle to concentrate, stay focused, and to see their way going forward as if they were in a deep fog. In many cases, they have experienced an unwillingness to continue working or even having a desire to leave their beds. Many others struggle to walk in both kingdoms, the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of fallen humanity steeped in the grossest of immorality, driving them in one direction and then another. For some, the darkness in their souls has turned them further away from God leading them to dabble in the black arts and satanic rituals seeking to fill the void left in their tormented souls.

The Bible continues to describe these demons from hell sent to torment fallen humanity by indicating that these locusts have tails like a scorpion that will sting their victims and torment them for five months. Although the five months was selected because that’s the normal season for locust, from May to September, symbolically it could last the entire life span of a human.  (See Revelation 9:5, and 9:10). This amazing apocalyptic language describes in graphic detail what these evil hordes of demonic invaders can do to fallen humanity for rejecting their Creator. In recent studies, the scorpion causes great pain to their predators, not to kill but to drive them away. The scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal. For the human, the pain from a scorpion is extremely painful because the venom, consisting of a variety of different toxins, magnifies the pain receptors in the brain causing intense pain. In the same way, mental illness can cause intense pain that’s not always observable but very real as many suffer for years in silence. Critical symptoms of a scorpion sting can consist of muscle twitching, drooling, and sweating. It’s quite remarkable, that these are the same symptoms often seen in mentally ill patients who are on the threshold of insanity. The scorpion was specifically chosen by God’s prophet to demonstrate how its sting relates so closely to these symptoms of mental illness.

There are many facets to mental illness causing a torrent of behavior problems, where their actions are beyond just strange. Their behavior is capable of causing great harm to others as well as to themselves. There is also a litany of both aggressive and repressive emotions from the sudden outburst of crying to unhinged anger and to the damaging effects of buried emotions. Perhaps the greatest and most damaging emotion is fear. They have a fear of living or facing another day. They have a fear that others might know their true condition. They fear that others will know of their hourly struggles to maintain a rational mind without the constant onslaught of stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other psychological disorders. They fear that others might discern their horrible thoughts that once shocked their own sensibilities but now have full reign. Their demonically inspired thoughts can come with no warning and at any time or in any place, which can lead them to display a glazed-over look in public. The Bible says, “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them” (Revelation 9:6). They say that mental anguish is the greatest pain of all, driving people to the threshold of insanity with constant thoughts of committing suicide.  This silent pandemic of mental illness is spreading at an alarming rate, that’s also spilling into the streets of America.

Let’s be very clear, this is a demonic invasion. The Bible goes to great lengths in the following verses, of this eye-opening prophecy, that this is an unseen enemy that will attack the minds of fallen humanity with unrelenting vengeance. Before we proceed, read carefully Revelation 9:7-11. Notice what it says in the last verse, “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon” (Revelation 9:11). The name “Abaddon” literally means destruction, which is exactly the intent of this demonic force. He is bent on the destruction of the mental faculties of fallen humanity, driving them further and further away from any semblance of a rational mind. Whereas the literal meaning of “Apollyon” is to destroy. This is his ultimate goal. When the mind is destroyed of even the most beautiful people there is nothing left but a hollow shell grasping for the simplest meaning of life and their intended place in it. There is nothing more horrifying than to lose one’s mind unable to make rational choices or intelligent decisions. There is nothing more fearful on this earth than to be alive in the body but mentally dead and on the precipice of insanity. This silent pandemic of mental illness is real and much worse than any virus.

The good news is this condition can change. It’s not fatal. The world, however, does not have a remedy. There is no vaccine for this pandemic. Counseling will not work. Drugs will not work. Attempting to cast out Satan will not work. Becoming an expert in spiritual warfare will not work. Let me be very clear mental illness is real for fallen humanity. As a Christian counselor for many years, I truly sympathize with them and understand their psychological struggles and their deep emotional pain. I know the world is trying its best to fight this pandemic allowing the population to return to a sense of normalcy. Even at their best though, the fallen world can no more defeat this pandemic of mental illness than it can defeat the wrath of God being poured out on unrepentant humanity. The only course of action in overcoming either is to turn back to God and recognize Him as both your Creator and your Savior. Cry out to God now in heartfelt repentance asking Him for forgiveness for turning your back on Him and loving the things of this world. Believe the Gospel that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died on the Cross for your sins and was raised on the third day to give you a new transformed life. Once you are sealed by the living God, you will no longer rest under His wrath, His plagues, or His woes. Praise God! And all of God’s people will rejoice.

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The Prophecy: A Revelation for God’s Children

Revelation is Dynamic.  When the scales fall off our eyes then we are amazed at the dynamic nature of the book of Revelation, which thrills our hearts. It’s happened, it’s happening, and it will shortly come to pass or be fulfilled. Through these lenses, we see something quite amazing. As the prophecy is fulfilled, step by step, it colors in more of the drama between the powers of darkness and the children of light. It progressively unveils the raging battle between an all-powerful God and the dragon seeking to unseat His authority. So, let’s join the drama once again in the last of the last days when we observe the beast coming out of the sea (Read Revelation 13:1). Throughout history, we have observed great powers arising from the sea of humanity seeking to make a name for themselves by conquering and to conquer. Powerful leaders, in their respective countries, have readily sought alliances and treaties to overpower more and more of humanity to follow their dictates. As each proudly displays its religious horns, some also had the crown of great power. We observe throughout history each desperately trying to rule the world making everyone subject to their blasphemous authority. They proudly proclaim to know what’s best for humanity by putting forth their own doctrines and traditions above God’s absolute truth. Continue reading The Prophecy: A Revelation for God’s Children

Know the Watchman on the Wall

If we know who the watchman is on the wall, then we will be careful to hear what he says, and if the trumpets are sounded, we will take warning. We must know the watchman on the wall. I will tell you plainly, that I am not the watchman, but Jesus Christ is, and we must listen to His voice alone. If I hear His voice speaking or the trumpets sounding, then I will speak. I will sound the warning. Until that happens my friend, we must remain calm, we must remain watchful, and above all, we must listen for the voice of the Watchman. We are confident that God will do nothing without letting His prophets know so that they can sound a clear and decisive warning. The Bible says, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Unfortunately, we are living in a day with many contradicting voices, some saying one thing and some saying another. There is no clear decisive voice but only a multitude of voices creating greater confusion, which has been the devil’s plan from the beginning. The greater the confusion the less we will be able to hear the warning. Continue reading Know the Watchman on the Wall

The Coming Out, to a New World

I wrote in my last article that when we finally come out of lockdown, we will be entering a new world. Looking beyond all the hype, the fake news, conspiracy theories, and false prophecies, what does God say? Is it even important that we know every detail of the emerging beast system destined to control the largest part of fallen humanity? Without getting too political or casting stones at an opposing party, we must look very carefully at the undercurrent that’s been working for many years in most of our public and private institutions shaping the next generation that will produce the coming beast. Quite frankly, the older generation is dying, bringing with them, their morals, their beliefs, and their standards. In the past Administration, they had set the ship of State to sail in a brand-new direction bringing with it the hopes and aspiration of the younger generation. They had a grand hope of creating a brave new world free from war, hunger, and disease facilitated by the sci-fi movies streaming out of Hollywood. It was then carried further by the liberal professors in all of our great colleges and universities teaching the younger generation that with the right political decisions this hope would become a reality. Then, President Trump was elected and the younger generation along with the liberal elite cried. Continue reading The Coming Out, to a New World