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  1. I’d love to send you some documentation about how twice I went to a psychiatrist over my PTSD from being molested by my father and on two occasions it was my bad luck that both men turned out to be gay pedophiles themselves. They secretly contacted my father, warned him that technically they were supposed to tell police about the abuse, but if my father would go along they would call the police, tell them I was threatening to kill my father and as long as my father would go along with it they would put me on a 72 hour hold. They tried and failed and since I am an attorney myself I brought a moderate well known lawsuit in California called Miller v. UCLA. Oddly it was this that turned me onto Christ. I should be starting seminary in fall of 2018 and I have a Christian website called I’ll send you a donation and I might add to the website a section on the legal rights of Christians to refuse secular psychology if it goes against their rights. Should be interesting. Wild story I know but I could send you a copy of the lawsuit and other docs to prove my claim

    1. Thank you Frank for the donation and I rejoice with you that Jesus Christ has become a part of your life. It is also a blessing that you will attend seminary that will help you with some good study habits while looking at the history and doctrines of our great faith. God bless your calling to serve Him in a greater capacity.

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