Glorify God in the Coming Judgement

Glorify God in the Coming Judgment

God is glorified for many things, but we don’t often think about God being glorified in His righteous judgment coming now upon the earth. God since the beginning has always been glorified when His chosen people followed the path that was laid out for them in loving obedience to His commandments. The Bible says, “Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified” (Isiah 60:21). God brought forth His commandments to show them the path of righteousness and the branch of His planting. This branch looked forward to the salvation of the whole world, a people in distant lands walking in righteousness to the glory of God. God’s work was the gift of His beloved Son to make propitiation for the sins of humanity (I John 2:2). God’s work was the glorious transformation of fallen humanity in Christ by putting off the old life and putting on the new life in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 4:22-24). Furthermore, the God of creation would be glorified as His beloved children would let their light shine through their good works (Matthew 5:16). In time, they would also learn how to glorify God in their body and in their Spirit, which are God’s (I Corinthians 6:20). This would only be the beginning of a deeper journey of glorifying God in every situation including the coming judgment.

The next step in our journey is to learn how to glorify God with our willingness to do whatever He leads us to do. I say that this is the next step because everyone does not immediately receive a visible manifestation of God’s glory. It takes most of us a great deal of time to receive the glory of God’s presence like the Saints of old. Only after many hours of prayer and meditation do we realize the amazing majesty of our Creator causing us to truly humble ourselves before Him, which leads us to say with the Apostle Paul, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do” (Acts 9:6). Although some have claimed to have said this from the very beginning of their pilgrimage, it’s not always self-evident in their actions. Few in today’s modern world have stepped forward with the sincere determination to face the fires of persecution. Few will be willing to stand against the perversions of our world or even be completely willing to come out from among them as a testament against them. Most in the lukewarm church would be more willing to twist the Scriptures to justify their actions of embracing the psychological counseling of our day and rejecting the Scriptures that say we have been given everything we need for life and godliness (II Peter 1:3-4). For those who have journeyed far enough to be willing to do whatever the Lord leads us to do will be prepared for the next step of our journey to Glorify God in every situation.

Now we come to learning how to glorify God in His judgment of a perverse world. The Bible says, “Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters” (Revelation 14:7). This is the voice of three angels proclaiming God’s message to His children living in the midst of the tribulation. The world for the first time since the first century is truly on the precipice of judgment day of total destruction, either by a nuclear exchange or some horrific natural disaster. The angel proclaims in a loud voice to fear God and give glory to Him. We live in a world that fears a lot of different things, but they don’t fear God who is bringing forth His judgment. Of course, we hear very little about God’s judgment. It’s almost like a taboo subject where everyone only wants to hear about the grace and mercy of God. Although God’s grace and mercy are tremendously important aspects of His character, they should not neglect the importance of His righteous judgment on people who refuse to recognize their sins. Simply put if the world truly feared God, then they would be quick to repent of their unrighteousness and return to God in all humility.

The world, which is being led by the powers of darkness has done a great job of hiding God’s righteous judgment thereby absolving them of fearing God. The world is convinced that the increasing heat index, air pollution, rising sea levels, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and earthquakes are all caused by global warming along with many other disasters. A close examination of the trumpets and bowls of God’s wrath in the book of Revelation along with many Scripture references in the Bible clearly indicates that God controls all the weather, the many natural disasters, and increasing diseases affecting the planet (Genesis 6:5,17, 7:4; Exodus (9:23-29; Job 37:3,6,10-13; Psalms 148:8; Jeremiah 10:13, Jonah 1:4; Revelation 8:6-12; 16:1-16). This is God’s righteous judgment on unrepentant humanity. I have written extensively about the first woe that has caused an epidemic of mental illness because humanity has turned away from trusting in God exclusively to solve their problems (Revelation 9:1-11; See my article “The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness – The First Woe”). I have also written about the second woe that unleashed the Muslim hordes from the East to bring forth death and destruction since the fifth century (Revelation 9:13-21; See my article “The Second Woe – The Muslim Invasion”). All of this is only the beginning of God’s wrath being poured out on the planet that has all but replaced God as the Creator.

Although we have had wars and rumors of wars since the beginning, what’s coming soon will shock the entire world. God has a long history of using other people groups and nations to strike a devastating militaristic blow against God’s children when they strayed from His path, the greatest of which was the Babylonian Captivity. What makes us think that God has changed? Even in our modern era, we have seen nations led by evil rulers war against other nations. We have seen the Hitlers, Napoleons, and other ruthless leaders attempt to conquer the whole world. Today we are seeing something new. A window has been opened by God to understand God’s righteous judgment coming upon the West and specifically the United States. Russia, a great empire in the North, has been raised up to strike a blow against the West by viciously attacking the smaller nation of Ukraine. There was no accident that the Western nations would immediately come to their defense by instituting another proxy war. There is no accident that the Eastern countries would come together in support of Russia seeing the West and specifically America as very prideful and arrogant seeking to expand their influence of openness. They fear the Western countries openness of liberalism through their democratic process will adversely influence their people. The battle lines have been drawn. God is bringing forth His righteous judgment against a self-righteous group of nations who cannot see the depth of their sins.

No, this is not a Holy War, it is judgment day for the Western countries who have turned their back on God. They have allowed every perversion to fill their streets, their public schools, and their government buildings. This has become so wholly accepted by those in authority that naked men march in the streets in front of children proclaiming their perverted lifestyle. They no longer accept their gender identity given to them at birth by our Creator. God is not blind to what these Western countries are doing by aggressively teaching our children to explore their sexuality and change it if they feel so urged. These ungodly urges are caused by the powers of darkness. Yes, God has raised up other nations to bring His judgment upon the West. If God is behind it to render His judgment, we will never stop it. The only option we have is repentance. There is a raising up of the faithful remnant to glorify God in His judgment of a perverse world. They will no longer remain silent but proclaim loudly with the three angels that the West will be destroyed by the Eastern nations. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran will not be discreet in their vicious attacks but will decimate the civilian population, destroying both women and children. It’s time to wake up and listen to the faithful remnant who are warning you to change your ways and repent now or face judgment day. Yes, God will use other countries, natural disasters, mental illnesses, and even more deadly viruses to bring His judgment upon fallen humanity. Our only option is repentance, turning back to God in obedience to all of His beautiful commandments. Please heed the warning before it’s too late.

Finally, I want to say a brief word to the faithful remnant. This is not an easy message. We in the United States have always been a very prideful nation believing that we were the best overcoming many obstacles and building the most powerful nation in the world. Well, we have opened the door to the powers of darkness after the last Great War and our country has been in moral decline ever since. This message will not be received well, for we will be mocked and eventually persecuted but we must prevail. We must continue to proclaim the truth with love in our hearts beseeching them to repent. We must also come out from among them as a clear testimony that we will not participate in their perversions. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5). Remember, faithful remnant, every time you proclaim to the world that judgment is coming lest they repent now, then you will be glorifying God. Stand firm dear children.

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