Depression is an exhaustive subject that needs our serious consideration, because of the great number of people now experiencing its devastating effect. Webster’s dictionary simply states that depression is an emotional condition characterized by feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, etc. I am afraid that definition is now inadequate to say the least. Although a mild form of depression may be as simple as feeling sort of sad or that things just aren’t working out as they should. It can on the other hand turn quickly into a more serious condition if not dealt with properly.

As the condition begins to worsen people may feel overshadowed by a dark cloud, with feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, guilt and / or helplessness. As one continues the downward spiral there may be a loss of pleasure in usual activities, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or feeling immobilized with little hope for the future. Finally, if depression is not dealt with it can also lead to excessive sleeping, overeating, or repeated thoughts of death or suicide. Although this list of symptoms is not exhaustive, they paint well the picture of a serious emotional problem that needs to be dealt with from a biblical perspective. Depression only gets worse when it’s dealt with through improper responses. However, the good news is that when we bring God’s truth to bear on the problem then we immediately begin to feel better.

Let me stress at this point that the devil and the psychiatric industry is no real help and in most cases that make depression a lot worse because they lead you away from God’s Word by convincing you that you have a psychological problem which God is incapable of solving. They will put it into your mind that the problems you have are more serious than anyone else and that you need special attention. Yet the Bible says, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it” (I Corinthians10:13).  This word, temptation, also has a wider meaning that encompasses trials and testing. And I would add emotional and psychological problems.

They may also try to convince you that your depression is caused by a physical (or biological) problem leading you to believe that there is nothing you can do about it. If necessary, prove them wrong and have a physical examination by a qualified medical doctor. Or they may convince you that your problem has been passed down to you by your parents and there is no way of escaping. Friends, this is just another lie of the devil who wants to keep you in bondage and away from experiencing the new life in Christ. There is no proof that depression or any so called psychological problem can be passed down from your parents. So let’s gird up our loins with the truth of God’s Holy Word and discover what is causing your depression.

Your depression could be caused by a multitude of things such as illness (a proven biological problem), guilt, un-confessed sin, lack of hope, being rejected by your peers, experiencing a tough situation like losing your job, being unable to complete a task, facing persecution (real or unreal), fear and many other problems we face in our daily life. I am convinced you do not need to run to the psychologist or the drug store to solve your problems. Through much prayer, you may discover that you are experiencing many of these problems and others not listed in the tabs below. At this point it is essential not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the number of problems you may discover in your life, simply record them and we will learn to deal with them, one problem at a time. Depression has a spiraling effect. Every time you respond to a problem in an unbiblical way, you will go deeper into depression. As we examine the problems of anxiety, guilt, fear, and loneliness (as examples) you will learn that responding biblically to each of these problems will reverse step by step your depression giving you a biblical methodology for other problems that could be causing your depression.

Taken from my book: “Stand Firm, Godly Counsel for the Last Days.”  Copyright © 2013 Rev. Daniel W. Blair – Under the copyright law these articles may be used for nonprofit educational purposes. Please do so to strengthen your fellow believer to remain faithful to Jesus and obedient to His commandments.

These are only examples of Biblical Counseling for the Christian believer. Since the details of your situation are fact dependent, you should additionally seek the services of a Biblical Counselor in person along with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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