How to Truly Help Others

How to Truly Help Others

To truly help others we must learn to fight against evil. The world glories in fighting against evil actors but they no longer see the true glory of fighting against the evil that has invaded humanity. Evil is on the verge of conquering all of humanity bringing many into a horrific poverty of spirit. Fighting only the evil actors sanctioned by society will not defeat evil but will allow it to grow even stronger and more prevalent. So, how can we as Christians truly fight evil? Although we will never completely eradicate it, we can overcome it in the hearts and minds of humanity. We can pass new laws, hire more police officers, and yell at the devil until we are blue in the face but that will not overcome evil. We need a new methodology or perhaps we just need to rediscover the age-old truth. God has His job. He will remain the righteous judge of the universe. He has brought forth His righteous judgment upon humanity since the beginning, which was discussed in my previous blog article, “Glorify God in the Coming Judgment.” We as God’s children are also given our job of defeating evil in the hearts and minds of humanity. It is a gloriously simple process that will truly help others, but it takes absolute obedience to his methodology to be successful.

Without obedience to God’s plan, then we will simply be wasting our time. Although the plan is simple, the implementation of the plan is far more difficult. Most every believer can quickly tell you the plan that’s so obvious in the Bible. In unison, they sing, “Share the Good News of the Gospel.” That is the plan. The results of that plan if executed properly will turn the world upside down. People will accept the Gospel truth, repent of their known sins, receive the Holy Spirit, and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord, which will lead them to put off the old life and put on the new life in Christ through the process of transformation (II Corinthians 5:17). Furthermore, they will gladly receive their Spiritual gifts and effectively use them for the common good of the brotherhood. Simple! In time all evil will be overcome, and lawlessness will be eradicated. Well, if you haven’t noticed, it hasn’t happened. Lawlessness is still increasing, and people are being led into every manner of perversion. Well, God is doing His job, bringing forth His righteous judgment to open the eyes of humanity to the consequences of their sins and sending forth His Holy Spirit to dwell with the new converts to direct them on the path of righteousness. So, what’s wrong? Simple! We are not doing our part.

I know what you are thinking. People just won’t accept the Gospel. Or you say that those who have accepted the Gospel simply aren’t changing. They still act and behave like the world. And I would say, you are correct. As I said in the beginning, the plan is simple, but the implementation of the plan is difficult. The implementation of the plan from the beginning of Christianity has always been discipleship. This is especially difficult in our day when there is so much free information out there flying at us at warp speed. Think about it for a minute. Pastors are changing churches every three to five years, the turnover in leadership roles keeps changing, and mostly there is no structured discipleship to work with Christians until they reach spiritual maturity. Add to this social media and thousands of videos throwing out their opinions or the vailed teaching of Satan at the speed of light or giving them the latest conspiracy theory wrapped up in religious rhetoric. God’s children are not receiving the Word of God for their specific needs and level of maturity. The lack of continued discipleship to bring every individual Christian to maturity is keeping most of God’s children as babes in Christ being tossed about by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14). You can see the problem. Christians are becoming more like the world instead of becoming more like Christ.

So, how can we effectively institute discipleship that will help every single Christian to grow up Spiritually? This should be uppermost in all of our minds. Transformation in Christ should be paramount in our daily discipleship, teaching every believer how to put off the old life and how to put on their new life in Christ (Ephesians 4:17-32). Dear children, this will never be accomplished just by attending church meetings, once or twice a week. It will never be accomplished by watching so-called Christian videos or reading posts on social media, which often quote Scripture completely out of context. It will not be accomplished by just reading the most popular Christian books. Discipleship must deal with the daily events that believers are encountering in the real world by helping them to see God’s truth in their situation. If this is effectively accomplished, then there would be no need for the world’s counselors of psychology. Knowing what the person is going through and knowing what the person needs is essential in discipleship. Again, this is impossible to accomplish just on social media, we need face-to-face contact with mature believers who are themselves being transformed in Christ. The Bible says, we need to bear one another burdens, that’s what we do (Galatians 6:1-10).

So, how do we accomplish this difficult task of daily discipleship of God’s precious children? Sixty years ago before society lost its mind and opened its hearts to the powers of darkness, then the answer would have been completely different than the answer we will give you now. If we use the old method of depending on classic discipleship while Christians lived and worked in today’s world, then it will fail. The world teaches its citizens seven days a week from morning until night, whereas most discipleship in the local church teaches God’s children less than two hours a week. There is no wonder that we hear the proclamation of the angel in the book of Revelation that says, come out from among them (please read carefully Revelation 18:4-5). Essentially, he says, to stop receiving daily instructions from the world being run by the powers of darkness. This is the difficult part, but essential if we want our Christian discipleship to be effective in helping believers to grow up spiritually in Christ. Stop listening to the world. This was something I decided to do several years ago when I stopped watching online videos and stopped surfing social media platforms. I am also extremely limited in my reading of the news media being careful to have great discernment. I only do the latter as a watchman on the wall to warn God’s precious children of any danger on the horizon.

To come out of the world by stop listening and watching is only one-half of what we need to do. We must also find a mature brother or sister in the Lord and listen to what they say, bringing their answers (or counsel) to the Lord in prayer. We all need a mature believer that we can communicate with privately, better in person, but, if necessary, by private text messages, email, or telephone. This communication must be available 24/7 to address every situation in a believer’s life, remembering that Satan is always there to stunt the believer’s spiritual growth in Christ. I pray that all mature believers would step up to the plate and make themselves always available to give a word of encouragement, a word of admonition, or an appropriate word of counsel to a struggling brother or sister. Mature believers, we have a responsibility for other less mature believers remembering that we are all on the same path of righteousness to obtain all that God has for His children. Only continued Spiritual growth and transformation in Christ will overcome the evil in this country and the world. We must all disciple others, which will truly help them to grow spiritually, as we too are also being discipled.

In conclusion, to truly help others, we must resist sharing godless information from the world that will only bring confusion to their souls and greatly hinder their spiritual growth. They don’t need more godless information masquerading as God’s truth. The Bible says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord” (Colossians 3:16). Oh, what a beautiful verse that shows us how to hide God’s Word in our hearts through the continuous singing of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Tragically the modern church has strayed from the old hymns and spiritual songs that reminded us again and again of the strength and wonder of our Christian doctrines beneficial for our spiritual growth. They also became a living witness of our great love and joy as we robustly sang them, not only at church but throughout the day wherever we went and whatever we did. Many of us have fond memories of our elders singing spiritual songs as they worked. Only the pure teachings of God’s Word will defeat the evil dwelling in the hearts and minds of mankind. We must stop listening to the world controlled by the powers of darkness and only listen to God through the Holy Spirit who will teach us exactly what to say at the appropriate time in helping others. Let us bodily go forth helping others, with love in our hearts and a song on our lips, to the glory of God.

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