Roots of Godless Psychology

CAPA will examine the awful bondage to the new world religion (godless psychology) promoted by the world system. How widespread is the bondage to psychology? And why is psychology called godless and has become the new world religion promoted by the world system? We will answer these questions, but more importantly we will re-discover how the Bible has given us everything we need for life and godliness. No matter what the end time saint is facing in a turbulent world, if it be loneliness, anxiety, or depression we will discover together how God’s Word not only gives us the answer but the indwelling Spirit to help us to apply His remedies.

History of the New World Religion (godless Psychology)

Why do people act or think as they do? Why do some people seem to have more problems than others or have difficulty resolving them? These are questions that have plagued mankind from the beginning. World religions and philosophies have attempted to answer these questions and have led millions to follow their creeds and methodologies to deal with life’s problems.

Then there was the rise of psychology with the first psychiatric hospitals and insane asylums being set up by Muslim physicians in Baghdad, Iraq in 750 AD. Then fifty years later psychiatric hospitals were introduced in Cairo, Egypt. And then in 850 AD Ali ibm Sahl Rabban al-Tabari developed the idea of using clinical psychiatry to treat mentally ill patients. In 1270 famous psychiatric hospitals were built in Damascus and Aleppo in Syria. By the Nineteenth Century it had moved to Europe with Soren Kierkegaard writing the first exposition on anxiety and by 1875 William James opened the first experimental psychology laboratory in the United States. Throughout this period experimental psychology research laboratories were opened in such universities as John Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Indiana University, and the University of Chicago. At this point psychology was primarily experimental and dealt specifically with those who suffered from insanity. They had not appeared to be a threat to organized religion.

In the next period psychology took on a whole new meaning introducing group therapy, the study of behavior, ‘Counseling and Psychotherapy’ suggesting that respect and non-judgmental approach to therapy is the foundation for effective treatment of mental health issues. At this point the patient which includes more than just the insane is no longer responsible for his behavior, but is mentally ill or just plain sick. By 1949 the Bolder Conferences outlined scientist-practitioner model of clinical psychology, looking at M.D., versus PHD used by medical providers and researchers, respectively. In 1952 modern psychology produced mental illness classifications, thus attaching labels to certain perceived illnesses and then the following year B.F. Skinner outlined his behavioral therapy. And then by 1968 there was the first Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) professional degree program in Clinical Psychology. Clearly at this point psychology has passed the line by making them professionals on what causes behavior problems, how to deal with life’s problems, and introducing behavior modification.

In the last period clinical psychology has spread throughout the world and most predominately in the West and specifically in the United States claiming to understand and classify man’s behavior problems. Moreover, they claim that they can actually bring about change to the individual through an array of counseling techniques developed over the past 100 years and the administering of prescription drugs. This has become so widespread in this country almost no one questions their ability to do what they claim. In 1994 Antonio Damasio proposed his somatic-marker hypothesis by which emotional processes can guide (or bias) behavior, particularly decision making. But why do I call this the new world religion? Simply put it makes the same claims as biblical Christianity and in the process has deceived millions from around the world to follow its practices and methods in dealing with life’s issues. Moreover, they have for the most part unknowingly transferred their trust in God to deliver them from their bondage of sin to trusting in this new world religion to solve their problems and give them the ability and guidance in dealing with life’s difficulties.

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