Seven Lies of the Devil Part I

Seven Lies of the Devil – Part I

These seven lies of the devil is driving humanity further away from their creator and causing many of God’s children to stumble. This is the main cause of the great falling away in the Last Days before the revealing of the dreaded Antichrist. We will expose the lies by revealing the truth.

Labels, Labels, Labels

The devil loves labels. There are many popular labels like PTSD, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, and emotional brain fog. As a Biblical counselor for many years the most heart wrenching thing is to see the world’s counselors give their counselees a label. These labels describe their emotional and psychological problem by giving it a name and describing in detail their expected behavior problems both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, this gives them an excuse to act out their new problems diagnosed by the worlds counselors. Furthermore, the psychotropic drugs prescribed to their counselees often create additional problems keeping them locked into years of counseling and drug addiction. Lamentably, the fallen world seeks a label for their problems absolving them of any personal responsibility for overcoming their bad attitude and unacceptable behavior. I have written extensively about the “Silent Pandemic of Mental Illnesses,” which is the first woe in the Book of Revelation, which is a clear consequence for rejecting God’s ability to fix their problems. There is deliverance from this horrible lie of the devil by leading their counselees to Christ in faith believing that through repentance they will be delivered from this woe and that Christ alone will solve all their emotional and psychological problems by making them into a new creation. The most important thing about being a Christian counselor is helping people to overcome their problems, so that they can continue their spiritual growth and enjoy all the blessings of spiritual maturity. The Bible says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3). We must stop listening to the lies of the devil whose only desire is to give them a label to keep them trapped in their emotional and psychological problems for the rest of their lives. Stop listening to the devil.

 Stuck in the Past

The voice of the devil is getting louder and louder as we approach the end. Make no mistake the devil is also yelling at those who follow Christ, especially those who struggle daily to put off their old lives. The devil knows if he can keep you struggling with the same sin, then you will be more prone to believe his lies. Today, we will look at the devil’s lie that has destroyed countless lives from broken relationships to horrific addictions, and from a life of lawlessness to a broken life of entrenched psychological problems or even suicide. This one lie of the devil strikes at the very heart of the Gospel sending millions to a life of endless psychological counseling, drug addiction, and to a life of unfulfilled dreams. The devil proclaims loudly that you cannot change who you are, so you must accept it and move on, and that you must accept the labels placed upon you by the professionals of our society. The Good News, however, is that God is willing to make you into a brand-new creation where old things will truly pass away, including those worthless labels (II Corinthians 5:17). All you need is faith, believing this wonderful and powerful truth. We can stop listening to the devil by casting out those unwanted thoughts immediately. Speak back to the devil and tell him that your God makes all things new and that you refuse to look back on your previous failures. Stop listening to the devil knowing that you have amazing potential to realize your greatest desires and aspirations. Find a mature Christian believer who can help you to grow from one degree of glory to another by putting off the old life and putting on the new life in Christ through transformation.

 Gateway to Sexual Perversions

The next lie of the devil is both deceptive and dangerous, which will lead the entire world into even greater depravity. This lie of the devil originated in the scientific community that’s been gaining influence and notoriety for the past three hundred years. We have gotten to the point where almost no one questions their integrity even when it clearly contradicts the Bible. Although there are many contentious disagreements, we will only focus on one area that creates the greatest depravity, creation versus evolution. The Bible says that God created man and woman, who stayed in the Garden of Eden for an unspecified number of years (or many millennia) until they sinned against God. To deny that God created everything in six days denies the power and majesty of God. We did not evolve from a tadpole into a monkey, and then from a monkey into our current human form. The real danger in accepting this scientific theory of evolution is fallen humanity could say that they have evolved into a completely different gender from their original biological gender or to no gender at all. This is already in their evil minds believing that they are different from their original biological gender causing them to mutilate themselves and take on the appearance of the opposite sex. This is at the height of depravity when they lead innocent children to do the same. To deny our created biological gender is an affront to God causing humanity to reap the consequences for its sins. Furthermore, to accept the scientific theory of evolution denies that God created humans, male and female, perfectly in the beginning as the crown of His creation. Stop listening to the devil.

 Hiding God’s Wrath

Let’s explore another lie of the devil, which clandestinely attempts to erase some of God’s wrath currently being poured out on unrepentant humanity. Unfortunately, this is a modern marvel, because, for thousands of years, God’s children have recognized His wrath as the result of their disobedience to His commandments. Most grew up knowing that as the children of God, they would reap what they had sown (Galatians 6:7). We are living in a different day now where the devil has convinced the fallen world that all the destructive weather, devastating earthquakes, and raging forest fires are caused by global warming. Although the world claims that we are indirectly responsible, they have clearly absolved us of any personal responsibility for our sins. This is another dangerous lie of the devil even if they attempt to explain, like some, that all these natural disasters and destructive weather patterns are happening because the earth is simply going through another cycle, which again would absolve us of any personal responsibility for our increasing sins. This too is an outrageous lie of the devil leading the world to ignore the consequences of their sins. Dear children, all these calamities have been clearly prophesied in the Bible, but unfortunately many ignore them believing that we will not be here during the Great Tribulation. Yet, any casual reading of the Book Revelation puts the Antichrist coming toward the end of the prophecy when we will still be here (II Thessalonians 2:3). Stop listening to the devil’s lies, which is leading humanity into captivity psychologically and to openly accept their sins believing that there will be no consequences. The truth will expose the lies of the devil.

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