Standing against Goliath

Standing against Goliath

Our article today is “Standing against Goliath.” Today we continue our series of articles that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. When David stood against his Goliath he stood against the largest and most feared soldier of his time. When William Wilberforce stood against the evil slave trade in England he stood against the wealthiest and most powerful men of his time. But in both cases God won the victory by vanquishing their foes and leading His people to a path of righteousness. Over 200 years later God is about to win another victory against the strongest, the wealthiest, and most well connected giant of our time. This is a foe so strong that it has captured the entire world population, casting its majority into the shackles of slavery and a life of total dependence. Yet this situation is not unlike times past when Hitler controlled an entire population, with the exception of a few thousand righteous men and women. When slavery becomes blind and the restraints no longer visible they say the conscious mind is truly seared. With the entire world denying its slavery, while immersed in a quagmire of unrighteousness, focused on wars and rumors of war, the giant tightens his grip.  Who will fight Goliath when nearly all of humanity denies his existence?

Let’s be clear about one thing; this is a global fight. I emphasize this point because I am convinced that God will use not only His righteous remnant, but a host of others to expose the extent of our slavery to psychiatric drug addiction and its horrific side effects. I will just name one other, a non-religious group, who has worked tirelessly to put forth staggering statistics of suicides, mass murder, physical problems, horrific maladies, and millions suffering a meaningless life of unrelenting bondage caused by the psychiatric industry and their prescription drugs. Only a blind fool would not trust the proven statistics of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR a non-profit origination. Along with CCHR sounding the alarm for over sixty years, only just recently have a few good men of faith stepped forward with growing support from the faithful remnant to survey the giant of our day. Like the biblical David and England’s William Wilberforce our giant is huge, wealthy, and well connected exercising great power over every tribe, people, language and nation. But his greatest power lies with the people who have unconditionally believed his lie thus accepting his counsel from the new professionals of psychology. Clearly the new professionals of psychology are the false prophets of big Pharma. This is quite remarkable when you consider that sixty years ago nearly everyone rejected psychiatry, its labels to describe man’s behavior, and their wholesale marketing of psychiatric drugs.

But now we live in a different day. To question the so called advances in psychiatry or the production of “so-called” safer and more effective psychiatric drugs will not only put you in the cross-hairs of big Pharma, but also at odds with those who have been taken captive by his false prophets. I have personally felt the scathing rebuke and personal character attacks from those who are unwilling to give up their worldly counsel and a life time of dangerous drugs. Even when their life is waning away with no hope of a cure they have continued in their false belief and rejection of the truth. How tragic to see so many carried away to a life of drug addiction with its worsening side effects that lead to both physical and mental damage. How horrible to see homes destroyed by mass murder and suicide. With all this captivity and destruction of human life there are only a very few who escape their bondage before it’s too late; some who have been convinced by overwhelming statistics and others by the power of God to lead them into a new life of liberty and tremendous joy.  Yet, big Pharma is never scratched as the beast grows larger and more powerful every day. Who in our day will stand against this Goliath? Should we just throw in the towel and admit that the task is just too big? Who can change the belief of an entire world? Who can stand against one of the wealthiest and most powerful entities the world has ever known?

I have personally agonized over this asking God to open my eyes, to let me see His plan and our involvement. I would love to at this point to give you a scholarly well thought out answer to lead the masses in revival, run the psychiatrist out of town, and down-size big Pharma to just producing proven bio-logical medications. However, the beauty of God’s plan is more glorious and His ways are so much higher than mans. This is a plan so simple yet so majestic that the Church has forgotten it. God has made a wonderful promise to all those who call upon His Name in belief, willing to come out from the world and take up their cross by dying to self. This is a promise so mysterious, yet so tangible that to receive it, it only takes faith. God promises to make you into a new creation where old things pass away, behold all things are new. (See II Corinthians 5:17) Then he promises to grow you from one degree of glory to another until you are transformed into His likeness (See II Corinthians 3:18). Then finally, He promises to give you everything you need for life and godliness so that we can participate in the divine nature (See II Peter 1:3-4). Now if the world really believed this then there would be no need for counseling from the world or psychiatric drugs from big Pharma. No more suicides by those who believe. No more mass murder by those who believe. No more empty and unfulfilled lives by those who believe. But how will they believe without a preacher. Therefore, I implore every preacher, counselor, and Christian across this great nation and around the world to join Jesus Christ in His infinite plan to defeat this beast, a true Goliath that has captured the hearts and souls of humanity. It’s time to take back what we have lost and return to the Bible as the final authority for every emotional and psychological problem suffered by His children. I personally ask that you join me in this fight to reclaim our exclusive right to minister to the soul of mankind.

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