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Biblical Psychology: Its Rise and Fall

From time to time I have asked certain individuals to write a guest article to shed light on the abuses of psychiatry and how the church surrendered its biblical authority for the preservation of the soul. Also, to shed light on how the church no longer trust in the sufficiency of Holy Scripture, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for biblical counseling.

Biblical Psychology: Its Rise and Fall

In the year 1855, Franz Julius Delitzsch, one of the premier (or leading) biblical scholars of the 19th century, wrote a first edition, 500 page, Pastoral Theology textbook entitled: A System of Biblical Psychology.  Sigmund Freud was born one year later; Carl Gustav Jung was born 20 years later; and Wilhelm Wundt, who is often considered to be the “principal founder of modern psychology” did not establish his first psychological laboratory for another 23 years.

In his opening chapter of A System of Biblical Psychology, Delitzsch traces the long and valued history of “Psychology” within the life of the Church. His very first (or very opening) sentence makes this proclamation: “Biblical Psychology is no science of yesterday it is one of the oldest sciences of the Church.” (Delitzsch 3)

After making this amazing opening pronouncement, Delitzsch then begins to wonderfully survey the abundance of biblical and theological contributions, made over the many centuries, within this specific doctrinal field of psychological study within the Church, from Justin Martyr and Tertullian, St. Augustine and Gregory the Great, through to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Reformation period and then finally up and to his own time in the 19th century. Continue reading Biblical Psychology: Its Rise and Fall


The world is gripped with fear for many different reasons, such as life-threatening illness, losing your job, being deeply in debt, hounded by your creditors, arrested as a Christian or facing persecution along with many other problems can cause fear and if not dealt with in a biblical way can also cause depression. So as a Christian, how do you respond to fear in a biblical way? If you have a life-threatening illness, or lost your job or been arrested and cannot work or even facing persecution, you may feel as though you have lost everything and may even lose your life. You may feel helpless to provide for your love ones. You may need a complete re-orientation on how you have been looking at things. You may need what they call a reality check.

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Roots of Godless Psychology

CAPA will examine the awful bondage to the new world religion (godless psychology) promoted by the world system. How widespread is the bondage to psychology? And why is psychology called godless and has become the new world religion promoted by the world system? We will answer these questions, but more importantly we will re-discover how the Bible has given us everything we need for life and godliness. No matter what the end time saint is facing in a turbulent world, if it be loneliness, anxiety, or depression we will discover together how God’s Word not only gives us the answer but the indwelling Spirit to help us to apply His remedies.

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