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We Are Children of Light

There is a great battle being waged between the children of light and the children of darkness. This spiritual battle has been raging for thousands of years with times of great victory and times of demoralizing defeat. Now, we are coming to the end of the battle where everything will be exposed. There will be a clear demarcation between the children of light and the children of darkness. In the eyes of the fallen world, the children of light will become more repulsive, being labeled as fanatics and haters of humanity. Many will escape the wrath of fallen humanity by blending in, while many others will face a different kind of wrath by fighting back with the weapons of this world. On the hand, the children of light will wage a different kind of war in the Spiritual realm that will have powerful results in the physical world. They will have learned the secret of letting their light shine brightly to overcome the powers of darkness, which is holding the entire world hostage. This heavenly light shining forth from God’s faithful remnant will bring forth true repentance or a ferociousness not seen since the first century. Therefore, it will be necessary for the faithful remnant to seek out one another, encouraging them to stand firm on the truth, and trust in God alone.

We are children of light. We have seen the rush toward the darkness and the turning away from the true Light. We have seen the acceptance of the lie and their rejection of the truth. We have seen how the church is growing increasingly lukewarm. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and go no further. It’s time for every believer to stop and return to their roots, which will immediately open their eyes to the depravity in the world. Only after returning to the truth, can we truly let our light shine. Only after returning to the truth, can we effectively fight against the powers of darkness. The truth is simple. God made male and female in His image to become one in marriage. All other perversions that deny their biological distinctiveness are an abomination to God. Furthermore, God has given us everything we need for life and godliness in His Word, made alive through the Holy Spirit (II Peter 1:3). To seek counsel from psychiatry and the use of their psychotropic drugs is an abomination to the Lord. Also, to trust wholly in their medications to treat our slightest pain makes us a pawn of the devil. Friends, we have been made into a new creation, where old things truly pass away (II Corinthians 5:17). It’s time to press on to our upward calling in Christ Jesus our Lord. We are children of light.

We are not weak-kneed Christians, as children of the light, we have been given great strength to do the impossible. When we come to the truth, we realize that our strength does not come from our own willpower but it comes from the Lord of Glory. We can’t but He can. This is the opposite of the fallen world, which was raised to believe that they can do everything in their own power. They trust in their science. They trust their internet searches. They trust in their political leaders. They trust their government. As children of light, we have learned that power comes from trusting in Christ alone. Therefore, we do not pick up the weapons of this world to fight against the other side through rough talk and negative propaganda. Moreover, we don’t pick up the weapons of this world by using excessive force to fight against the evil leaders of a corrupt and immoral government. No, as children of light, we only pick up the very powerful heavenly weapons made for pulling down strongholds. The Bible says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds” (II Corinthians 10:4). As Children of light, we have witnessed God’s great power to overcome the powers of darkness. We are children of light.

These powerful weapons are threefold, good works, confront, and separate. The Bible says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). Good works and letting your light shine are tied intricately together. You can’t have one without the other. Therefore, whenever we follow the Spirit by reaching out to anyone who has a need with an attempt to relieve their suffering, no matter the cost to us, then we have allowed the light of Christ to shine brightly through us in a marvelous way. As a child of light, we are not a respecter of persons, nor do we judge unjustly. To help others goes way beyond the distribution of money and goods to a much deeper level of commitment, a commitment to their wellbeing. Our time is precious and more valuable than all of our financial resources. Remember, this light must come from the Lord and flow unhindered through us to others. The Bible says, “As far as I am concerned about you, my brothers, I am convinced that you especially are abounding in the highest goodness, richly supplied with perfect knowledge and competent to counsel one another” (Romans 15:14, Williams). Yet, the lukewarm church preaches the opposite by saying that we need professional counselors of psychology. Stop believing the lie, let your light shine brightly by helping others with all of their emotional and psychological problems. We are children of light.

Secondly, we let our light shine by confronting others. Although we are not a respecter of persons, nor do we unjustly judge, we do let our light shine by confronting others. The Bible says, “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Galatians 6:1). As you have already discovered, these become more difficult as we proceed. Most people don’t like to confront others, especially if they are family or friends. Yet, we are commanded to do so, which is also intrinsically tied to letting our light shine. If we are honest, it’s most difficult to go anywhere in the world and not run into someone who demands that we accept their perversion and their disobedience to God’s Holy Law. The key word here is acceptance or tolerance. The moment we accept their perversion or disobedience, then our light is greatly diminished, or as Jesus said our salt has lost its saltiness, thence good for nothing, but to be cast out, and trodden under foot by men (Matthew 5:13). Unfortunately, most lukewarm Christians can be counted among this number. We must confront, yes with gentleness, that we cannot accept their perversion and disobedience. To let our light shine, we must confront others concerning their unrighteousness. If you are listening to the Spirit, then He can and often does, opens a door of opportunity to share about God’s love and restoration. We are children of light.

Thirdly, we let our light shine by coming out from among them and being separate. Trust me this will have a profound effect on your family, close friends, and workmates. Multiple times the Bible tells the believers to come out from among them to make them sorry for their misdeeds. The Bible says, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17). Let’s be clear, we don’t do this to hurt others but to get their attention that God and His children cannot associate with people unwilling to repent and stop their godless ideology that we must accept their bad behavior. We also separate so that their bad behavior does not rub off on us by causing us to commit the same trespass (Galatians 6:1). This is also very important for our impressionable children and grandchildren sent to public school to learn the ways of an evil world. They too must come out. We are children of light, let us behave as children of light. Let us keep coming together as true children of light, who will overcome the darkness. Dear children, we must take our stand against spiritual Babylon by letting our light shine. We are children of light.

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When the World Goes Silent

Is the world holding its breath waiting for the next major catastrophe to happen or are they remaining silent hoping to stop a global panic? Almost every believer feels something deep within their spirit that something major is about to happen. Well, if we all feel that way, then what are we going to do about it? We can’t hide our heads in the sand or find the nearest cave to hide in, nor can we just sit back and ignore everything that we are witnessing in the world. We hear all the senseless chatter, but we don’t hear what’s really happening in the world. On the other hand, we are bombarded with politics, unbelievable lawlessness, and hateful rhetoric from the rich and powerful elites, but no one is speaking the truth about what’s really happening in the world. They either don’t know, or they don’t care. Even many of the so-called prophets are being ignored because their prophecies are being disproved over and over again. It unleashes unchecked pandemonium in the digital town square, casting the left against the right. On the other hand, silence has become louder than words, raising the level of anxiety and causing a rush to the counselor’s office. It’s time for true believers in Christ to listen and follow the Spirit’s leading to bring us back to a sense of normalcy. Continue reading When the World Goes Silent

Satan Tightens His Global Control

Oh Lord, please break the hold that Satan and his powers of darkness have on the world. Last week we wrote about how unchecked emotions or the old sin nature was leading the world into utter chaos. Today, we will write about how Satan and the powers of darkness are tightening their grip on humanity leading them to think and do the unconscionable. This hold on humanity will cause untreatable suffering, illnesses, and even death. This hold on humanity will cause many to do and say what they normally wouldn’t. Many are being pushed beyond their breaking point, either going stark raving mad, on the verge of insanity or committing suicide. Everyone will be affected to some degree even if they claim Jesus Christ as their Savior. These will be dark days indeed when everything seems to be falling apart. We have already seen this in today’s world where someone will ruthlessly slash young people in their sleep for no reason and where another will buy a gun, then unmercifully kill his workmates in cold blood. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t hear about how people act as if they are being controlled by the master of evil and the powers of darkness. Continue reading Satan Tightens His Global Control

When the World Falls Apart

Nobody wants to think about when the world falls apart. Most will simply ignore this message as they have ignored most prophetic messages, while some will spin their own interpretation, while others will take it to heart seeking God’s guidance for the days ahead. I pray that you do the latter. The problem with today’s world, to use an old idiom, is that most are, “going from pillar to post.” They are always searching for the truth, most often in the wrong place, causing them to change what they believe multiple times and never arrive at the truth. They don’t know the truth about themselves or the world in which they live. So, when the world starts to fall apart, most won’t recognize it until it’s too late. Even if some recognize the decline and try to stop it, it will slip into total madness, because they don’t know the truth about how to stop it. The political establishment cannot stop the decline. The lukewarm church cannot stop the decline. Everything they do will end up in chaos. I hope to spare you of that, by convincing you that the world as we now know it has been falling apart for some time now and is gradually getting worse until it becomes unrecognizable. That should not only frighten you, but it should horrify you. So, please let me encourage you to learn how to stop the decline before it’s too late. Continue reading When the World Falls Apart

When the World Stops Listening

They say the mind can take only so much and then it stops listening. Some are calling it overload, while others are calling it selective hearing.  Whatever it is, it appears that the whole world has stopped listening. They have turned away from the ancient religions and are embracing a new future that promises many unbelievable advances in technology. These changes promise to enhance humanity’s ability to experience a deeper understanding of the entire universe and their unique place in it. These changes promise to give them a fulfilled life where the whole world will come together as one in peace and tranquility. These changes promise to open the door to a new reality where anything is possible from communicating with the animal kingdom to utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance their abilities. Nothing seems impossible to a world that has jettisoned classic Christianity for a brave new world. Although many will continue to play church, they no longer trust in God for their future, and they no longer trust in religion to chart their path ahead. They have joined the lukewarm church and no longer listen to God exclusively. Continue reading When the World Stops Listening