Woman of History

In 2006, I received a call from my best friend’s son at about 7 am, he was frantic because she did not come out of her bedroom to help him prepare for school, his dad was also mysteriously not in the house and her bedroom door was locked. When my husband and I arrived at the house, we had to break the bedroom door open. She was laying motionless in bed with the duvet covered up to her face. When I lifted the duvet, my life instantly came to an end. Her neck was almost completely severed from her body and she had multiple stab wounds, the bed was saturated in blood. My husband and I then started pursuing her husband’s whereabouts because according to the children, their parents both went to bed the previous evening. We went to one of our other friend’s house, and there in the hallway was my best friend’s husband, hanging from the rafters. He committed suicide. This double homicide was extremely traumatic for me because i grew up with both of them.

And we had all known that their marriage was on the rocks because she had served him with a divorce summons a week prior because of his alcohol addiction and violent bouts of rage. But this completely rocked our world. I could not recover from the horror of what i witnessed. I was continuously having flashbacks of her in the bedroom and him hanging from the ceiling. I started seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed various psychotic, antidepressants, [and] anxiety medication. For the next 4 years I became completely inebriated, living in a constant daze and in and out of hospital. To the point of me not being able to go to work, drive; take care of my children or myself. It was an effort for me to comb my hair; I used to have such severe tremors that I would spill my food when eating and spill my coffee on my clothes. For 3 years I couldn’t read and write, I would sleep for 17 hours a day. The medication was clearly not helping because I hated where my life was at and I just wanted to die. I attempted suicide twice.

Eventually my doctor persuaded my husband that i undergo Electroconvulsive Therapy. I spent 6 weeks in hospital, having an ECT once a week. I came out of that a complete zombie, only to discover that i have lost most of my memory. To date, i cannot remember the day I got married, my children’s milestones, most of the books I have read and studied and movies that I’ve watched.

BUT GOD [changed everything]

Because with most of my memory erased. The only Book that I could remember verbatim was the Bible.  My husband said this is not a coincidence and I began to meditate on scriptures daily, repeating them continuously and speaking the Blood of Jesus over my Mind.

In 2010, I had a dream and in my dream, I was being lifted up off the bed, and I heard a voice saying to me… “Don’t worry I am here with you and I am going to Lift you up” “You don’t have to take those tablets anymore because you are well” I woke up instantly after the dream with such a jolt and started calling for my husband. When I asked him why he was lifting me up out of bed, he said that he was downstairs watching tv. Then I recalled the dream.

When i woke the next morning, I had such a burst of Restoration it was Unbelievable and i refused to take the +-14 tablets a day. I believed that my dream was a Divine Intervention from God. That was 2010……It’s been 4 years since my dream. 2014. I have never touched any medication for depression or psychiatric medication since the morning after my dream.

God is Alive and the Blood of Jesus will never lose its Power. I am living proof of that and All Glory goes to God. The enemy tried to rob me of my purpose by attacking my mind and the murders [that I witnessed] were a perfect loophole for him but the devil is a liar and he is under our feet.  I do hope that my testimony can bring resurrection to so many people who find themselves in the Pit. Of Prescription Psychiatric Drugs because that’s all those drugs do, is make a person spiral into a deep, dark, hopeless Pit.

The WORD of GOD is Alive.  Amen.

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